Advantages and disadvantages of PM WANI

By the way, the government has taken a very big step by launching PM WANI Scheme to make India a Digital India. Because if the Internet does not reach all the people, then hardly our dream will be fulfilled. In such a situation, through the PM WANI scheme, internet facility can be provided in remote areas only.

Now the question arises that like the coin has two sides, we should also know about the advantages and disadvantages of PM WANI. This will make it easier for us to understand it better. So I thought why not you guys Advantages and disadvantages of PM WANI Complete information should be provided about it so that you can understand it as well as explain it to others.

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So without delay let’s start.

Benefits of PM WANI

You must have come to know about what is PM WANI in the earlier article. Let go Benefits of PM WANI know about.

New Internet Users Will Join Through PM WANI, many new users will be not only for commercial and entertainment options, but they will also be from other sectors such as education, telehealth and agriculture extension.

At the same time, this will help the government to work more easily, while transparency and interactivity will be created in things.

The dream of Digital India will be fulfilled : Through this scheme, now even small shopkeepers will be able to provide Wi-Fi service. With this increasing their income, now they will be able to provide continuous internet connectivity to more and more people.

Which in the end will be helpful in further strengthening our Digital India mission.

People will not have to spend more licenses and fees : Through PM WANI, the government wants to remove the bureaucracy in the middle and also wants to remove licenses and fees, this will make it possible that even a chaiwala will now be able to provide internet to people from his shop and also his income. Will start growing slowly.

Domino effect will be visible on our economy : According to the TRAI report, having a public Wi-Fi system will see about 10% increase in WANI architecture, reaching the people of the net, which will increase our GDP by about 1.4%.

reach more people : With PM WANI, now even remote villages will be able to reach the internet, due to which you will be able to see people using internet in almost all the areas.

Wi-fi which is linked with broadband fiber service is going to be the fastest route to bridge the gap.

It Can Be A Low-Cost Option : Upcoming mobile technologies such as 5G Will be able to provide good quality data at very cheap prices, but initially it may take more investment in new spectrum, connectivity equipment and regular subscriber fees.

Whereas WANI system provides a low revenue consumers so that more people can connect to it easily.

Disadvantages of PM WANI

Let us know about the disadvantages of PM WANI scheme.

Increasing Security Risks There are many security issues of a public WiFI network. This is because more and more people use the same network that too at the same time and in the same spot. That’s why public Wi-Fi is a more risky place to send confidential data (such as passwords, pins etc.) through the network.

decrease in speed : Since public WiFI networks are often accessed by many people at the same time, there is a significant loss in bandwidth, which ultimately results in a slow network speed.

This is the reason that the public Wi-Fi that Google and Facebook started, they also ended it last year.

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