Dailyhunt se Rs.1000 Free Recharge Kaise Kare

Today we will know that “Free recharge kaise kare”, and “Mobile se paise kaise kamaye”. Earning money from the Internet becomes a little easier for those who have a computer, but mobile users also keep searching about earning money. I am not saying that you cannot earn money from mobile, but there are some limitations in it. You can earn just enough money from a smartphone to cover your monthly mobile expenses. You will not believe that I did not recharge even a rupee on my phone since last year and I always have more than Rs.500 balance. If you want, you will be able to earn more than this, but it will take a little more effort for you. In today’s article you will know that, free mobile recharge kaise kare – how to do free mobile recharge,

People all over the world use mobile more than computer and the fashion of smartphone is increasing day by day. If you want to know Mobile se paise kaise kamaye – how to earn money from mobileSo, this is the answer that you can do free recharge with mobile income. So in today’s tutorial we will talk about this related issue.

Dailyhunt se Rs.1000 Free Recharge Kaise Kare

You all must have heard about Dailyhunt, if you do not know then let me tell you. This is an Indian news application that gives information about the news in India in different local languages. Earlier its name was Newshunt but now it has changed to Dailyhunt. So today I will tell you how you can recharge mobile of Rs.1000 through Dailyhunt. This is a refer and earn program which gives Rs.20 per refer. So let’s start.Dailyhunt se Free Recharge Kaise Kare
1) First go to Google play store and search Dailyhunt there or you can download direct from the link given below.

Download Dailyhunt

2) Once downloaded, open the Dailyhunt application from your mobile and select your language and tap on the continue button.

3) In the Headlines tab you will see a poster of Earn Rs.1000. Tap on there.

4) A new link will open in your browser where you will have to give a referral code. If you do not give referral code, then you will not get Rs.20. I have put the referral code below, by using it you can get Rs.20 immediately.


5) After entering the code, you can invite your friends through WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, facebook or twitter. Whoever will use your referral code and you will both get a balance of Rs.20.

When your earning is Rs.80, then youRedeem NowYou can recharge by tapping on the button. Invite your friends and ask them to use your referral code. This will benefit both of you. If you are using this for the first time then do not forget to do our code for it. If you want to know more about how to do free recharge and about some great apps like Dailyhut then you can see on this link.

that was it Dailyhunt se Rs.1000 Free Recharge Kaise Kare way of. I hope you liked this. Thank you

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