Google Task Mate Referral Code Today India (22 August 2022)

Google Task Mate Invitation Code how to get? You will find this question on the tongue of every Indian today. Everyone needs referral code from Google Task Mate. So if you are also one of them then you have come to the right place.

In today’s article, I will tell you about all the ways with the help of which you can get referral code of Google Task Mate. For your information, let me tell you that Google Task Mate is currently in testing mode, so it is limited to only a select few people.

Many videos and websites claim that they have Google Task Mate Referral Code It is possible but it is not possible at all. Let’s know more things in this it.

What is Google Task Mate?

Google Task Mate There is a money making app which has been prepared by Google. Through this app, users can easily earn good money by completing the given talks. By the way, I have said earlier that this app is still in the testing phase.

Google Task Mate Referral Code

Therefore the access to this app is limited to only a few selected people. While this app is also currently available in Google Play Store in “Early Access” mode, to use it you will have to go through its referral system, for which you will need an invitation code or referral code.

Application NameTask Mate
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Launch Date19-Nov-20
Current Version1.4.0
TypeMoney Earning

What is Google Task Mate Referral Code or Invitation Code?

Google Task Mate Referral Code or Invitation Code This is the code by which you can earn money through the referral system of this app. Apart from this, there is no other way to use this Google Task Mate.

How does Google Task Mate work?

To access Google Task Mate, you must have an invitation code. Whereas people who have the code to access this app can earn money by completing many tasks given in it.

Many talks are often given by multiple businesses, such as photographing a nearby restaurant, translating a sentence from English to their regional language, completing surveys, etc.

People can also choose to take the tasks they are interested in. If a person wants, he can even leave some tasks. Additionally, the app allows users to complete tasks anytime and from anywhere. Which is really great.

Actions may require users to visit businesses close to their locations and click pictures. In addition, it will also show the user the amount they will receive for completing the task.

Google will also use the data submitted by users to improve its mapping services and to conduct business online in people’s local areas. So we see the benefit of both in this.

how to earn money from google task mate

To earn money from Google Task Mate, you have to complete all the tasks given in it. By which if you complete those talks then you really get money on the wallet of the app. Which you can withdraw if you want in your bank account.

Here you have to complete all the tasks mentioned. All these tasks come according to your profile and your interest. For example.

Serial No Tasks
1Capture Photo of Fronts of a Shop
2Record Spoken Sentences
3Transcribe Some Sentences
4Check Shop Details
5Record some sentences which are shown on the app
6Answer survey questions that too of your preferences
7Translate sentences from English to your local language

Google Task Mate The app can be easily downloaded by the users by visiting the Google Play Store at the link here. However, the app is currently in beta and works on a referral system for new users. This means that you will need a referral code to be able to use the app.

So, if you’re interested in trying out the app, your only way to access the app is through a Google Tasks invitation. Right now, the only way to get a referral code is through an invitation. You also need to make sure to use the code as soon as possible as soon as you get each hour.

Google Task Mate is being tested in India and users can earn money by completing simple tasks. So there is no need to worry because you are going to get some referral code information in this article.

Google Task Mate Referral Code Latest

Google task mate is currently available only for selected users. If you are also looking for this code, then for your information, let me tell you that whatever sites claim that they have task mate referral code, then only a few of them can probably have it.

Code: UEC4Y7 (Working)
Code: P14MLA (Working)
Code: CH7NB6 (Working)
Code: K87UH5 (Working)
Code:39DKB4 (Expired)
Code: RS43TF (Expired)
Code: 7BRK81 (Expired)
Code: C5HW0A (Expired)
Code: 2BKHX5 (Expired)
Code: 54Q6XK (Expired)
Code: 24HMZ7 (Expired)
Code: 24HMZ7 (Expired)

The Google Task Mate app is being tested in India, so users need a referral code to use it. Many videos claim that they provide Google Task Mate referral code, but this is not true. You can download the Google Task Mate app only if you have a referral code.

Google Task Mate Invitation Code Limit

Google has provided the Google Task Mate Invitation Code to only a few people, but there is a limit in this too.

Even if you have the Invitation Code, you can only give or refer that Google Task Mate Referral Code to 3 users only. Similar chains can also be made in the future.

google task mate download

If you are also interested to get the download link of Google Task Mate then its link is given below.

Google Task mate Android App Link: Google Task Mate

Ways to Make Money in Task Mate

Candidate will be paid in Indian currency for the work completed by you and you will need to have an account with third party payment processor such as Paypal and others. When you’re ready to cash out.

Simply you have to register your e-wallet or account with your payment partner in the app.
Then visit your profile page
Now click on Cash out button
Then you can withdraw your money, your earning in local currency.

How to get Google Task Mate Referral Code?

Many videos claim that they provide Google Task Mate referral code, but this is not true. Download the app only if you have a referral code.

We’re already in touch with users with invitation codes right now. Once we get the code we’ll share it here or in person. Without the Task Mate invitation code, you cannot login to the app. So just wait, we will provide you Task Mate invite codes. Do not enter a random number in the invitation code box or your account will be blocked.

How much can I earn from Google Task Mate?

Task Mate users will have to earn up to $1 (approximately Rs 70) for each task.

What did you learn today?

I hope you guys Google Task Mate Referral Code Gave complete information about and I hope you people have got information about Google Task Mate Invitation Code Free.

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