How to become a Chef – How to make a career in Master Chef?

how to be a chef either how to make a career in chef, Everyone likes to eat delicious food and new dishes, but in today’s time, the hobby of cooking and the profession of chef is also attracting the younger generation. You too can progress in your career by becoming a chef, if you also like to cook and try new recipes, then you can earn a lot by making this hobby your profession.

Chef’s job It is a unique job in itself, in which not only good salary is available but it is interesting according to your choice. Nowadays chefs are earning a lot of fame and money not only by cooking in hotels but also by becoming a host in TV programs and writing books related to cooking.

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If you also have cooking skills, then today we are going to tell you in our article how to become a chef and what are the things you have to follow to become a chef.

how to become a master chef

chef To become one, you should know how to cook new delicious dishes and should also have knowledge of different spices properly. If you want to pursue your profession by becoming a chef, then you also have to do a course in hotel management. For which your educational qualification must be 10+2.

If you are 10th pass then you are in diploma and 12th pass then you can take admission in courses like food and beverage service confectionery, food craft degree, food production etc. But only studies and courses are not necessary,

To become a good chef in a hotel, you should be interested in making new recipes and you should have such skill that you can change any dish according to your taste or according to the likes of others.

Not only this, whether the dishes you are making are healthy or not and what are the qualities in them, it is also very important for you to know the quality and nutrition of the food items properly.

1. Take Hotel Management Course

to become a professional chef Many institutes of the country offer hotel management courses in catering, we are telling you the names of some of the major institutes below, through which you can progress in your chef’s career.

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition New Delhi.
  • Government Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Dehradun.
  • GIHMCT, Nagpur.
  • Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Chandigarh.
  • National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT), Noida.
  • Foodcraft Institute Campus, Bhopal.
  • Taj Group Of Hotels, Aurangabad.

Nowadays, courses are also conducted privately in various restaurants and hotels to become a chef. If you want, you can enroll in them and do those courses.

2. Keep yourself updated

Nowadays new experiments are being done in cooking too. Now people do not like to eat the same dish in one way like in the old times, but every dish is being given a modern look by making new experiments. To become a chef, you have to always keep yourself updated about which food items are being liked more these days and in what way new experiments in food can be made according to the modern taste and taste of the customers.

Not only Indian cuisine but you should also have knowledge of international food. Nowadays, Indian tadka is being served in various international food dishes, which people like very much.

You also need to have knowledge of different types of cooking like Chinese food, Italian and French food, Continental food, Mexican food etc. To get these information, you can also learn this work by doing a job in a restaurant.

3. Try to make new recipes in the field of cooking

We all know that success in any work is achieved only by hard work. Being a chef is also not an easy task, you will be successful in this field only by working hard. You must know the tastes and preferences of not only Indian customers but also foreign customers.

You should also know things like controlling the quality of food, doing menu planning, hiring, finance management, team management. To become a chef, work with full preparation, try new dishes at home and keep taking new information related to cooking.

How much money can you earn by becoming a chef?

By becoming a chef, you get both wealth and fame. How much salary you get in this job, by the way, it depends on your place of work and your qualification. yet in the beginning 15 to 20000 rupees You can get the salary easily.

If you go for a job in a five star hotel or restaurant, then you have to start at the very beginning. 30,000 to 500000 rupees You can get salary up to Rs. If you get into the job of Executive Chef, then you can get a salary of lakhs of rupees.

Not only this, you can earn a lot by working in various cooking shows and becoming a host and judge and then you will be no less than a celebrity.

Future and prospects of Chef profession

Nowadays in various hotels and restaurants Chef’s demand is growing rapidly. Because now Chefs are being kept instead of Chefs in various small restaurants starting from Five Star Restaurants of the country. There are also opportunities to go abroad as a chef. Many chefs are also working outside the country.

If you can become a chef with training, then you don’t need to work hard for a job in the country. Along with this, there is also an opportunity to do internship during the training. It has often been seen that many people get good jobs in the institution where they have done internship.

Moreover, by using the internship opportunity in the form of experience and skills, one can make a good career in the country and abroad.

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