How to become a hacker, what is necessary to learn to learn hacking?

Today’s topic is different. Hacker Kaise Bane, Are you interested in becoming a hacker? Do you know who is a hacker or what does a hacker do? You will get the answers of many such years from this article.

You all must have noticed that people have a lot of interest in hacking. But they do not know that for this it is also necessary to have knowledge of many things.

Only a great programmer or coder is capable of hacking. So here I am going to give you some basic information about how to become a hacker. Let us know how to study hacker.

What is a hacker?

All of you must have heard about Hacker at one time or another. We do thousands of tasks every day with our mobile phones and computers like shopping, money transfer, internet banking, online business etc.

As our country is turning into digital India, cyber security is also being promoted. In cyber security, computers are kept safe from unethical hackers.

This is being done so that the government can stop cyber crime. Now this question must be coming in your mind that what is cyber crime?

Cyber ​​crime is such a crime in which an unknown person with the help of his computer steals his necessary data and files by entering into another computer without permission and uses it wrongly and demands money.

The one who does this work is called a hacker. Who are these hackers? Where do you live? And why do hacking? It is impossible for us to detect this.

Most hackers make big private and government organizations their victims and demand a lot of money from them for not leaking the data.

Due to this, every year many organizations use security to protect their data from hackers, behind which they have to pay millions of crores of rupees.

For many in technology, the term hacker is best applied to those who use their skills without bad intention, but over time the term has been applied to those who use their skills maliciously. We do.

The word hacker is not used for those hackers who take the wrong advantage of their knowledge and do criminal activity, a special word is used for them which is named Cracker.

Hackers are those who seek to identify flaws in security systems and work to repair them, including security experts who work to spot and identify flaws in systems and fix those vulnerabilities. .

Crackers, on the other hand, tend to exploit the same flaws for their own benefit with the intention of destroying computer and network security.

Hacking is right or wrong?

Hackers have a lot of knowledge of computers, which they use to harm others. It is absolutely wrong to do so and if they are caught, they can be punished for it.

But hacking every time is not wrong. There are also some hackers who do hacking to help others, they do not take advantage of their talent but help others.

The hackers who do hacking for their own profit are wrong and the hackers who do hacking not for their own but for the benefit of others are right.

Types of Hackers

Hackers are also of many types regarding different work. Let’s know about them.

hacker ke prakar

White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers are those who first take permission from them to enter other’s computer and check the security of their system.

White hat hackers are good and they work to check the security of the computer system, so that they find out whether the computer is completely secure or not and whether someone can hack it or not.

Such hackers are also called ethical hackers. Along with keeping your system safe from bad hackers, they also catch them.

Their career field is good, in which they also get an opportunity to work in government organization and IT companies.

Black Hat Hacker

Black hat hackers are known for bad deeds. They always carry out cyber crime and harm others. They enter the computer without permission and steal the personal data and files of the user and demand ransom.

Such hackers are very dangerous and it is also impossible to catch them. Their career field is not that good because they do wrong things and take advantage of the compulsion of others and extort money from them.

Gray Hat Hacker

Gray hat hackers are neither good nor bad. These are hackers who enter other’s computers without permission to learn the art of hacking or for fun.

They do not intend to steal data or infiltrate the system and play with them. They just tell the person in front how weak the security of your system is.

There are three types of hackers who do hacking, you have to decide which one you want to make, but before that you need to know how to become an ethical hacker? So the time has come to tell you about this topic.

How to become an Ethical Hacker?

To become a hacker, it is very important to have computer skills, without this you will not be able to become a hacker. Along with this, you also have to be creative so that you do not have any problem in hacking.

hacker kaise banehacker kaise bane

And if you want to become a professional hacker then you will need to work very hard for this. And if you want to become a hacker just for such fun then don’t waste your time in this.

To become a good hacker, you need to learn some important skills like-

1. Basic Computer Skills

To become a hacker, one should have basic computer skills. If you have never used a computer, then first of all you have to start learning small things related to the computer like turning on the computer, using the internet, using the keyboard and knowing about the operating system.

In the basic skill of computer, you have to learn about DOS command also. What is its function, how to use it, etc., you have to know about things.

2. Linux Operating System

After knowing the basic skills of computer, you have to gain knowledge about the operating system. If you want to become a professional hacker then you have to understand about all types of operating systems.

But if you just want to learn the skill of hacking, then you have to learn the Linux operating system. For this you have to use Linux operating system in your system.

It is not as easy as running the windows operating system but it is not that difficult either. All the hackers in the world use Linux OS in their system.

Because it is an open source operating system, it provides security to the computer so that it can never be caught and from here you can also learn about many hacking tools.

To hack a mobile phone, you need to know about the mobile OS like Android, iOS and Windows.

3. Learn Programming Language

To know about the operating system, you have to take the help of programming language. Because all the OS are written and designed by the programming language itself.

Before entering another person’s computer, you should know all kinds of programming and coding, only then you will be able to enter their system. The job of a hacker is to play with these programming languages.

The OS makes the computer system secure, but if there is a slight glitch in the programming, the hacker breaks the security of the computer and enters it. And to do this the hacker has to become an expert in this language.

To learn programming language, you must first learn Python language. This is the best language for beginners who want to learn computer language. With this you will get the basic knowledge of how programming is done.

If you want to master the programming language then you have to learn Java. This is a high level language and nowadays this language is being used in all softwares.

Apart from this, you can also learn C language, it is better than other languages. It may take some time to learn this language. The Linux operating system has been coded from C programming itself.

To learn programming language, if you want, you can do a course from any institute or you can learn it by reading from any book. Nowadays programming can be taught by watching videos from online also.

4. Learn HTML Coding

If you are having difficulty in learning programming language, then you can learn basic coding of HTML (Hyper Text Markup language) which will increase your interest in programming.

To become an Internet hacker, you should have knowledge of HTML. Html language is the easiest, its coding is simple which you can learn easily. This language is used through internet.

Whatever you see on any website at this time, their pictures, images and design, whatever you see, all are made from the coding of html. You can also create a new website by writing html code.

Its coding is written in Notepad or simple text editor and its extension file is given with the name of the file to be saved such as Myfile.html or Myfile.htm.

After learning the coding of Html well, you can hack other webpages and websites and can also make changes in them.

5. Know about Computer Network

To become a hacker, it is also very important to know about the concept of computer network. After taking complete information about the network, you will get to know how computers communicate with each other through the internet.

In computer network you have to gain knowledge about wireless technologies like OSI model, DNS, routers, switch, IPv4, IPv6, LAN, MAN WAN etc. Knowing about wireless technologies will help you in hacking routers, wifi, wireless signal and much more.

After taking full knowledge of all the types of protocols of the Internet such as TCP / IP and UDP protocols, you can easily enter the other computer system by finding the hole in the Internet ie the lack of security.

6. Learn About Cryptography

To become an expert in hacking, it is important to know about cryptography. With cryptography, you will know about encryption and decryption.

Every computer and network that is fully secured by giving a password is called encryption and to hack the same system or network, that encrypted password has to be broken, which requires a code, that code is called decryption. .

There is a lot of algorithm of encryption and decryption, that is, there are many rules which have to be learned. These same rules help you to hack a system or network.

7. Know about Hacking of Database from SQL/MYSQL

If you want to become a database hacker or hack an account then you have to know about SQL or MYSQL.

With SQL, you can steal any kind of database, whether it is of any company, government organization or bank, you can steal the information and data of all these customers from the database.

Information about things like customer’s information like email id, password, username, customer id no, customer account number etc. is kept in the database of the company and bank, which you can take by hacking.

But to keep the database secure, they are kept by giving them a password, which you need to know cryptography to break.

SQL will help you to create, update, delete and modify data from the database so that you can steal the necessary data. SQL is also easy to learn, you can learn it soon.

What did you go today?

I really hope you how to become hacker Would have understood. Being a Hacker is not easy, Your interest and hard work will help you to become a hacker. When you start becoming a hacker, then for this you have to get the information about all the things mentioned above and after that you will also have to practice.

The more you practice, the sooner you will become a good hacker. Just keep in mind that to practice, try in your system, if you try to hack other’s system and you are caught then you can also get into big trouble.

If you believe me, then you become a good hacker so that you can help others, along with this your name should also be illuminated.

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