How to become a News Reporter – Press Reporter Registration, Qualification & Courses

Everyone wants to do something new in their life, earn their name. There will be many of you who want to become a News Reporter. It is the dream of many people to become a News Reporter. Today there is a trend of social media and there is movement of media everywhere. In view of this movement, many people want to be a reporter,

But becoming a news reporter is not so easy, you must have some necessary skills like presenting your words to the people, way of talking etc. Today we will talk in this post How to become a News Reporter And what you need to do to become a reporter, So let’s start.

how to become a news reporter

reporter kaise bane hindi

So if you also want to know how you can become a great become a reporter So follow the things mentioned here. Then let’s know how you can become a reporter.

1. Educational Qualifications to become a Reporter

When it comes to Minimum Educational Qualifications to become a Reporter, then you must have passed 12th in any stream from any recognized college.

It does not matter with which subject you studied. This is an area where you can get a job on Diploma degree and also on Bachelor degree.

2. Courses Required to Become a Reporter

Friends, I want you to become a reporter IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass communication) exam. This is an All India based exam. After passing this exam, you can become a very big reporter. So let us now talk about the courses to become a reporter.

Friends, as I told, you can take admission at 12th level to become a reporter and also at graduation level. It has both Diploma and Degree courses.

If you have done 12th then you should take admission in Degree course and if you have done Graduation and Post Graduation then you should take admission in Master or Diploma course.

3. Qualification to be a Reporter

As I told it does not depend with which subject you have done 12th. Here are two courses that you can do to become a reporter after 12th.

Bachelor Of Arts JournalismYou can do this course after completing your 12th. In this, information is given about important things from the basic of journalism. The duration of this course is 3 years.

Bachelor Of Science Animation And MultimediaYou can also do this course after completing 12th. This is a technical course in which you are told about Animation, Graphic designing, Visual editing and Multimedia along with Journalism.

After doing this course you can do Reporting through News Channel.

Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication: This course is best to become a News Reporter which you can do after completing your 12th. Under this course, you are given Basic to Advance information about Journalism as well as its related fields.

After completing this course, you can get the job of News Channel, Print Media, Reporting etc.

The duration of all the three courses mentioned above is 3 years. For admission to all these courses, you must have passed in 12th with 50% marks.

course to become a reporter

to become a reporter Under Graduate Program There are two courses in this. Diploma and PG Diploma. There are many courses under both of these. Let’s know about these courses.

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  • Master of Art ( Journalism )
  • Master of Arts ( Mass Communication )
  • Executive Diploma in Journalism
  • PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
  • PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
  • Apart from these courses, you can Specialization courses I can also take admission which are as follows.
  • Sports Journalism
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Business & Financial Journalism
  • Editorial Writing
  • Print Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism


You can make your career by taking admission in any one of these. But choose the same field in which you are interested.

Who should become a Reporter or Journalist?

If you think that you can become a good type of Reporter or Journalist then this is a very beautiful thing for you. But before that you must know about some things if you are really interested to become a Reporter.

1. If you have that fire within you to tell the truth and find stories that few people cover, then you have a great great future in this area,

2. In this you have such Must have talent and skills So that you can put different aspects of a topic in front of people.

3. You control over emotions Should be and should not do wrong things by being misled by anyone.

4. Take special care of one thing that lakhs of people listen to you, so before saying whatever you say, do a thorough ground research, while do not present any argument without proof.

5. A journalist or reporter should be ready to listen to many fights in his career, because they will come, you have to bring only the truth to the people fearlessly.

What is the job of a reporter?

Reporter A person whose job is to obtain information about news and to describe it through newspapers, magazines, radio or television. The reporter hears, sees and feels the scene and reports through their respective media.

It is important for a reporter to be able to convey data, news and emotions so that he can feel the real state of an event.

What are the types of reporting?

Reporting consists of different areas. Different for all the fields Reporters are there. Here are some special reporting types:-

1. Political ReportingThis type of reporting is related to politics. The job of Political Reporters is to keep an eye on any political activities and report the news related to it. The main subject of Political Reporting is Press Conference, Ministry, Parliament, Assembly, and Political Parties.

2. Business ReportingThis type of reporting is related to any business or economy. The job of business reporters is to report news related to any business. The job of Business Reporters is to make people aware of the economic activities of the government.

3. Health Reporting: This type of reporting is related to Health. The job of Health Reporters is to provide health related information to the people. Their main topic is what kind of food to eat in which season, how to take care of your health etc.

4. Sports ReportingThis type of reporting is related to sports or sports. The job of Sports Reporters is to provide news related to different types of sports like Cricket, Tennis, Football, Hockey to the people.

5. Crime ReportingThis type of reporting is related to any crime or crime. The job of Crime Reporters is to provide information to the people about the crimes happening at different places. They can also take the help of the administration for this work.

6. Film Or Cultural ReportingThis type of reporting is related to film and cultural program. The job of Film Reporters is to provide information related to Cinema, TV and Cultural Program to the people.

Now let us know where will the admission for these courses be found.

Colleges to Read Journalism Courses

After selecting the courses to become a reporter, it is the turn to take admission in a college to complete the couse. Here we are telling about some special colleges where the above mentioned courses are conducted.

Sl.No College Name place
1Indian Institute of mass communication (IIMC)New Delhi
2St. Xavier Institute of CommunicationMumbai
3Amity school of communicationNoida
4Christ UniversityBangalore
5Jawaharlal Nehru UniversityBhopal
6Film & Television Institute of IndiaPune
7Times School of JournalismNew Delhi

What is the salary of a reporter?

After becoming a reporter, you may have to do some sunshine in the beginning, but gradually your salary increases according to your experience.

Your initial salary approx 15000 to 20000 rupees Can be up to, which depends on where your job is located. Reporter’s salary after a few years of experience Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh up to.

what did you learn today

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