How to become a runner – Here’s how to become a fast runner

how to become a runner, Many people who are preparing for their Defense Exams have this question, how to become the best runner? What to do to run faster Many people run but they get tired only after running some distance. Today in this post I will tell how to become a good runner. I will talk about some important tips to run fast.

Friends, running is not an easy task, you have to work hard for months to become a good runner. Will have to do some workouts. Running keeps our body healthy and fit. Your Running Test is taken for recruitment in many Defense Exams. For this you need to run fast. Because it is a competition where many candidates participate.

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so now let’s talk how to become a fast runner,

how to become a fast runner

Friends, if a person decides to do something, then nothing is impossible for him. You too can become a good runner with a few days of practice. But for how to become a good runner, you have to know some methods, which you will have to use in daily running time.

You can make a difference by changing the way you run. be a good runner, Here are some essential tips that will help you become a better runner.

1. Determine the appropriate time and distance to run

First of all you need to choose the right time to run as well as decide how much you have to run. My advice is if you start running after getting up in the morning then it will be better. Make a right plan for running and choose the right place.

It is very important for you to be medically fit before you run, otherwise many people faint or bleed from their nose due to running fast in order to run. For this you can consult a doctor.

After running for one day, you will feel that you do not go for the next day, but you have to build regularity. If you get used to running, then one day you will not be able to stop yourself from running.

2. Use Good Running Shoes

To run, it is important to have the right running shoes on your feet. You wear footwear the size of your soles. It has been seen many times that many runners get injured by using the wrong running shoes.

Use a lightweight shoe for your running. Carry extra shoes with you to reduce the cushioning of the shoes while running. You can change after covering every 300-400 meters.

3. Start the race slowly

Fluid Balance in the Body Keep create. For this you can drink plenty of water and take Juice, Electrol etc. Drink plenty of water so that the water level in your body is maintained. Drinking plenty of water maintains the balance of electrolytes in your body.

In the course of running, you can drink coconut water, lemonade etc., which keeps your body hydrated and it Level of Electrolytes also remains. It is very important to warm up before starting running, it strengthens the parts other than the feet, such as the hips and buts, which help you in running.

When you start running, run slowly and after that increase your speed, whenever you get tired, you stop slowly and take a little bit of your time. Relax the body To do some pushups, and then start running. This allows the parts of your body to come back to normal. By running like this, you can become a good runner one day.

4. Do Pranayama

Apart from physical, it is also very important for us to be mentally fit. If you do pranayama regularly then the level of oxygen in your body increases. And you already know that oxygen How important is it for the cells of our body.

Without this, the cells of our body cannot manufacture energy. Pranayama Due to which the oxygen level in our body increases, which helps us to run.

5. Consume Carbohydrate-rich Foods

Carbohydrate Helps to increase Glycogen Storage in our body. These Glycogen increase the energy of our body. If you are going to participate in any competition, then before that try to increase Glycogen Storage in your body.

For this, you can consume foods with Low Glycemic Index, such as whole grains, fruits, wheat, green vegetables. They help in increasing carbohydrate in our body. It is important to increase the carbohydrate level before appearing in every running exam.

6. Do not eat food immediately after running

It is not advisable to eat food immediately after running. During running, there is a lot of shortage of electrolytes in your body. For which keep drinking water. For energy, you can take liquid drinks like coconut water, lemonade etc. Eat some food only after an hour of running. After an hour you can eat any fruit etc.

Keep in mind that you should use salt in your food because sweating during running reduces salt in your body, for which it is necessary to consume salt.

So here you learned how to become a runner, how to prepare for a running exam. It is very important to have the right strategy before participating in any test. After about three months of preparation you can join any race and you can become a good runner. For this also take care of your health and take proper amount of nutritious food in your food, this will make your body strong and you will be able to run faster.

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