How to become and prepare for DM (District Magistrate)

Friends, if we talk about any district or district, then the most honorable post is that of the district officer. Every student wants that he should get a good ranked government job. If you are also interested in becoming a District Officer and want to do a job on the post of DM, then today in this post we will talk about whether the District Officer or how to become a DM,

Here we will tell in detail what is DM officer, what is the work of DM, how to become District Magistrate, How to prepare to become DMwhat is its qualification and how much is their weight etc.

Who is DM?

dm kaise bane hindi

DM is known as District Magistrate or District Officer. This is the most honorable post of the district, you can also call it the head of the district. The work of DM Officer is to work for the people of the district and pay attention to the security system there. So let us now know in detail how to become a DM and what are the qualifications required for this.

What is the work of DM?

As I mentioned earlier, District Magistrate or Collector or District Officer, is the most honorable post within the district. The DM can also be called the head of the district or the collector of the district. If it comes to the Chief Executive of the district, then the name of the DM comes first.

The main function of DM is protect the district And Maintaining peace and order by keeping the administrative system fine,

If there is any incident inside the district, then the responsibility of correcting it lies with the DM, he can take immediate action against any criminal incident. The main function of the district administration is to implement various programs or schemes with the active cooperation and support of the people of the district.

What is the full form of DM?

The full form of DM is District Magistrate, which means in hindi District Magistratewho is also called the head of the district.

How to prepare to become a DM?

you even learned What is DM and what are the functions of DM, Now we know how to become a DM?

Friends, to become a DM, you have to pass the IAS exam, which is named CSE, this exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). After passing this exam, different types of jobs are provided to you according to your rank.

If you pass this exam with a higher rank, then your appointment will be made for IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Officer, after that you have to take experience of some services, after that after some promotion, you will be appointed as DM or District Officer. goes for the post.

1. Exams to become DM (District Magistrate)?

As I mentioned above, the IAS officer is appointed on the post of DM. And to become IAS you have to clear CSE exam which is Union Public Service Commission is conducted by Here your exams are conducted in 3 stages. which is like this.

i) Preliminary Exam
ii) Main Exam
iii) Interview

#1. Preliminary Examination

If you fill the form to become a DM, then first you have to go through the Preliminary Exam. This is the first stage of the exam.

#2. Mains Exam

If you have cleared the Preminiary Exam then you will have to go through the Mains Exam. After passing this exam you can appear in the Interview.

#3. Interview

This is the third stage of the exam. If different types of questions are asked for your Intelligence Test. After passing the interview, you will be appointed for the IAS officer and after having some experience and promotion, you will be appointed for the post of DM Officer.

2. Eligibility Criteria to become DM

If you want to become DM then you have to pass graduation from any recognized university or university. If you have already done graduation then you can apply for CSE (Civil services exam) exam conducted by UPSC to become DM.

If you are thinking that how many marks do you need in Graduation to become DM, then let me tell for your information that it is mandatory for you to be a graduate here, your Marks or Percentage does not matter here.

3. Age Limit to become DM

To become a DM, the age limit for the general category candidate has been kept from 21 years to 32 years. At the same time, there is a relaxation of 3 years for OBC candidates i.e. age limit from 21 years to 35 years and for SC / ST candidates there is a relaxation of 5 years i.e. age limit from 21 years to 37 years.

The point to be noted here is that in order to become a District Officer, you have a limited number of attempts. If you come under General Category then you can fill this form 6 times.

If you are OBC Candidate then you get 9 Attempts, while for SC ST there is no limit here, if you are SC ST candidate then you can give this exam as many times as you want for maximum 37 years.

4. What is the salary of DM?

As I have already mentioned, the post of DM is an honorable post. After working in this position, you do not need to compromise on anything. This is an IAS level job. DM gets a minimum of 50 thousand rupees per month as salary, which can be up to a maximum of 1.5 lakh rupees.

5. What are the duties of DM?

now let’s DM’s Duties Let’s look at the.

Serial Number DM’s Duties
1Establishment of law and order.
2To supervise subordinate executive magistrates.
3Inspection of police and prisons.
4To hear cases relating to the preventive section of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
5To certify the implementation of the death penalty.
6Submission of annual crime report to the government.
7To inform the Divisional Commissioner in all matters.
8To work as the ex-officio Chairman of the District Development Authority in the absence of the Divisional Commissioner.

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