How to Create Gmail ID – How to Create Gmail Account (2022)

do you know that How to create Gmail ID, If not then in today’s article we will give you Creating Email ID Will tell For your information, let me tell you that Gmail is a very popular email software platform, which is the most popular in the present time.

In this you will find many powerful tools such as the feature of combining multiple email accounts into one account, while the tasks utility is also very easy to use. whereas this Google It is a product of Google, so it is fully compatible with other software tools of Google such as Calendar and Docs.

Whether you are a small business owner or a freelance professional, Gmail is a great email tool to use. It is very easy to set up and use it. At the same time, its best thing is that using the service of Gmail account is absolutely free.

Here in today’s tutorial, I will show you guys how to create gmail id Will provide information about And with the help of this guide, you can easily create a new gmail id and sign in. So without further delay let’s start.

What is Gmail ID?

Google’s Email ID Gmail ID It is called Gmail is a free email service with the help of which you can exchange messages, photos, videos, files and other important documents.

how to make gmail id

At the same time, with its help, sharing of documents can be done in bulk form. You can own multiple Gmail accounts yourself and there is no restriction of any kind in it.

Google In the email service Gmail, you get many features for free to use. Its service is used by more than one billion users, so their email services are used the most in the whole world. Even a small boy would know about Gmail account.

You can easily share all types of documents in Gmail. Whereas to create a Gmail account, you have to share your personal details like name, phone number, gender, location etc. have to be filled.

At the same time, you can use Gmail account to sign in to other apps like YouTube, Google Play, Google Store, etc. So let’s know then how you can create Gmail ID using your mobile or computer.

gmail full form | Gmail full form in hindi

The full form of Gmail is Google Mail because it is created by Google itself.

Let us now tell you that How to create Gmail Id, (Create New Email Account In Hindi) and how to create Google Account,

How to create Gmail ID (2022)

if you a Want to create Gmail address Then before this you have to create a Google account. Gmail redirects you to your Google account sign-up page.

There you just have to provide some basic information like name, date of birth, gender, and location. Here you also have to choose a name for your new gmail address. Once you have created your account, then you can easily add contacts to it and adjust your mail settings as well.

Here by following the steps given below, you can easily complete creating gmail account in computer and mobile.

Step #1. Recruit your name and username

First you have to start by opening the Create Your Google Account window.

Then you have to fill your name and username.

Type your first and last name in the Name field. Type username of your new Gmail account.

You can use letters, numerals or periods in your username. The system automatically ignores capitalization.

If the Username chosen by you is already used, then the system will not allow it to be used again. Now you are ready to enter the password.

Step #2. Select a Password

First of all, you have to start by opening the Create Your Google Account window.

Then you have to type and confirm your password.

Type in a password for your new Gmail account Create a password in the field. Remember that your new password should be at least eight characters long.

Once you have selected a password, then you have to type Confirm your password in the field. At the same time, your password should be same or match in both the places.

Step #3. Enter your Birthday

If you need then you can use the scroll bar which is present on the right side of the window to scroll down.

Here you have to choose your Birth Date, Month and Year.

Step #4. Enter your Gender

Here you have to enter your gender, i.e. Male or Female. You can select it from the drop-down menu.

Step #5. Enter Recovery Information and Location

If you had to recover your account for some reason much later, if you forget your username or password.

That’s why you have to enter your mobile number mobile phone in the field. At the same time, you may also have to fill your current email address next to it.

Although you can create a Gmail account without entering any optional recovery information, you can never recover your account if you forget your password.

That’s why I highly recommend everyone that you must fill all these fields.

Step #6. Accept all the terms of Google

Now Privacy Policy will be displayed in front of you, that too with Google’s privacy agreement and terms of service.

In such a situation, you have to agree to all these policies to move forward. But if you want, you can read them by taking some time. At the same time, by canceling it, you can stop creating an account midway.

You have to follow all further instructions of verification screens and finally you have to verify your mobile number as well. Then click Continue when you have finished everything.

Now you will have a Welcome screen display in front of you. And in this way your new Gmail Id is ready.

How to open your Gmail account?

Now that you have created a new Gmail account, you are ready to sign in to that Gmail account. For this you have to go to Main Google screen. Click on the Gmail link there. Now your new Gmail account will open with an introductory screen.

Step 1. Open your new Gmail Sign In

Initially, you will see the Gmail introductory screen.

When you have finished reading all the information on your screen, then you have to click on the Next button. At the same time another introductory screen will appear in front of you.

Now review the screen, and then click Next again. Now you have to continuously click on the Next button in all the introductory screens. At the same time, after the introductory screen at the end, a popup will appear in which it will be written that now your new Gmail account is ready to use.

Now you have to go to Gmail button has to be clicked on.

On clicking you will see your new Gmail inbox that too with a welcome message from Google. At the same time, you will also see some icons which will be prompting you to do many tasks, such as add photo to profile, choose a theme, import your contacts, etc.

Step 2. Sign out of your Gmail account

When you have finished using your new Gmail account, then you have to click on the profile icon which is located on the upper right corner. Here Account popup starts to display.

Whereas next you have to click on the Sign out button so that you can log out of your new Gmail Account.

Benefits of using Gmail (Gmail Advantages in Hindi)

Here I will tell you about some benefits of using Gmail. About whom it is very important to know.

1. Email threading

An email thread helps you to collect related emails in a conversational style. This feature is very helpful for keeping project-related emails together. Gmail’s default setting uses email threading.

2. Virus and Spam Checking

Virus and spam checking is included in your Gmail account without any extra charge. Gmail automatically detects spam messages and those that contain viruses. Wherein it gives you warning if you try to open them then.

3. Getting Free Email Storage

You get 15 GB of storage free with your Gmail account. At the same time, if you want to get more, you can also buy additional storage by paying some fees.

4. Gmail to be quite reliable

Talking about Gmail, then it is a very reliable service and it rarely stops. If you talk about EMail Reliability then Gmail is a very good option.

5. Integration

Google’s other additional office suite tools such as Calendar and Drive all work properly with Gmail. At the same time, you can also import contacts in it.

6. Simplify Multiple Emails

If you have more than one email ID, then it can be a bit difficult to see them in turn. In this case, you can use Gmail as a master email system to combine your multiple emails together.

7. Customizable

You can easily customize the Gmail interface according to your own.

8. Enhancing Productivity

Since you also get many productivity apps in Gamil, your productivity can be greatly enhanced. Whereas since many tools can be integrated with your email account, it is very easy to update them in one stroke.

9. Filters and Search

There are many powerful filters tools in Gmail that sort messages for your convenience. If you also want, you can use the Search function so that you can find misplaced emails.

10. Timesaving Shortcuts

While Gmail is very user-friendly, even advanced users can save time by enabling some keyboard shortcuts.

Now that you have come to know about the benefits of Gmail, then you must create a new Gmail account for yourself if you do not have a Gmail ID.

How many Gmail Ids can a user create?

A user can create multiple Gmail Ids.

Is a phone required to create a Gmail Id?

Yes, a phone is required to create a Gmail Id.

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