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do you want to know how Download FM WhatsApp APK latest version to your phone. If yes, then today’s article is going to be very important for you. The new version of FMWhatsApp APK comes with various new features. You can download the latest version from here. This is the most popular mod version available today.

You have already known that this variant is not the official variant of WhatsApp. But its demand is very high as compared to other WhatsApp variants.

If you are tired of plain old WhatsApp, then fm whatsapp You are definitely going to like it. Well, today we have got the perfect WhatsApp mod for you. In this article, we will tell you about FMWhatsApp. This Modded WhatsApp APK But you will get many important features which include live location, facility to share files, contacts and media files, etc.

What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a MOD Apk of the original official WhatsApp Messaging App. In other words, it is actually an UnOfficial Variant of Official WhatsApp. Although there is no harm in using official WhatsApp, but it does not have as many features as you will find on FMWhatsApp.

fm whatsapp download kaise kare

The same builder has been used to make FMWhatsApp, which has been used for Fouad WhatsApp.

However, this mod cannot be downloaded through app distribution services like Google Play Store. But you are in luck because we have provided a download link below.

Like other WhatsApp mods, in FMWA you also get some additional features along with the original app’s functions and features. So let’s also know more about FMWhatsApp.

Many people think that if they use FM WhatsApp APK, then they can be banned from original WhatsApp as well. Well according to me they are not completely correct. If you use FM WhatsApp APK correctly, then you will never be banned.

What is the Full Form of FM Whatsapp?

Full form of FM Whatsapp Fouad Mokdad Whatsapp The name of this app is because the name of the developer of this app is Fouad Mokdad.

FM Whatsapp Features

Now let us know about some important features of FM WhatsApp Mod APK…

1. Anti Delete Messages

A great feature of Anti Delete Messages is available in FM WhatsApp. You will benefit from this feature that even if someone messages you and then deletes it, that message will not be deleted from your WhatsApp.

2. Anti Delete Status

If a friend or relative of yours posts a story and deletes it after the post is updated, you can still see its deleted status.

3.Media Sharing

With this you can send more than 60 photos at once. And can also send Large Files.

Hide Blue Tick

In this you can hide Blue Tick in chat. Means if someone messages you and you do not want the sender to know and you read his message, then you can hide the blue tick.

5. Theme Change

If you want to change the theme of FM Whatsapp, then you can change the theme as per your choice and also change the icon.

6. Exclusive

In this you can create a broadcast of 500 contacts. And can send message even without saving the number. With this, you can easily pin 100 chats at once. Which does not happen in official Whatsapp.

7. Hide Typing & Recording

In this Mod App, you can hide the option of typing and audio recording so that the person in front will not know that you are typing something.

8. Application Lock

There is also an option to lock FM WhatsApp, you can easily lock the application from here.

FM WhatsApp Requirements

Before downloading FM WhatsApp on your phone, you must read the requirements given below so that you do not face any error while downloading.

smartphoneYou must have an Android phone in which you can download and run FM WhatsApp.
Mobile NumberYou should also have a mobile number on which you can use while installing FM.

FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version (Info)

Version Namev16.50.0
App Size52.0MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0+
App NameFMWhatsApp
Root Required?no
Main TaskIn this you get many different and best Hidden Features.

How to download FM Whatsapp APK?

In your mobile, you can easily do FMwhatsapp download new version by following the steps mentioned below. I believe that by now you must have downloaded FM whatsapp from the link given below. Now let’s know the next steps.

Step 1, First click on settings, then click Settings — Security — Unknown Sources Feather. these unknown sources installed has to be turned on. Otherwise you cannot install the downloaded App on your smart phone.

Step 2, Once you have enabled unknown sources installed Well, now you install that application on your phone. In this, you will have to double click on that app after that.

Step 3, Now again to the application open Do that and enter your mobile number in it.

step 4, Then, as you enter your phone number, FMWhatsapp will verify your phone number. For this, an OTP code can come on your phone. which you have to fill.

Step 5, Now that you have done all those things, you can now use FMWhatsapp on your phone.

FM whatsapp download 2022 direct link

First of all from below link FM WhatsApp Mod APK Download 2022 Get it done After that follow all the steps mentioned below.

How to create an account in FM Whatsapp

If you want, you can also create an account in FM Whatsapp like the official Whatsapp App. If you already have an account, then you have to verify it by entering the same number in FM WhatsApp.

And your account gets created or you have to follow the following steps to create an account in FM WhatsApp.

step 1- Open FM Whatsapp and enter your mobile number.

Step 2- OTP will come on the mobile number, which has to be verified by entering it.

Step 3- Now enter your name and set up a backup account.

Step 4- Now you can use FM Whatsapp.

FM WhatsApp APK Download v19.41.4 2022

You can download FMWhatsApp APK by clicking on the button given below, apart from this, when you want to update the app, you can also do it through this post.

Download FMWhatsApp v19.41.4 (Fouad Mods)

Download FMWhatsApp v19.35.12 (Fouad Mods)

Download FMWhatsApp v21.21 (HeyMods)

Is FMWhatsApp safe?

No, FMWhatsApp is not safe at all. We the user do not have any information about the type of code used in it. It is possible that your whatsapp account will be blocked in this. You try to use only one of your temporary numbers in this. Never use your permanent number.

Are FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus different?

yes all of them WhatsApp There are different Unofficial Variant. That is, the code of WhatsApp has been used in these apps, but changes have been made in that code, along with many new features have also been included in it.

How to update FM WhatsApp?

Update to FMWhatsApp To do this, you have to go to the setting of the App and click on the update button. If any new update has come, then it will start updating automatically.

What did you learn today?

As WhatsApp mods grow in popularity, there’s no reason to stick to old WhatsApp. If you want, you can also take advantage of many great new features by using FMWhatsApp. You can take full advantage of these additional features.

how do you feel FMWhatsApp, Be sure to tell us. Also tell your friends that after allhow to download fm whatsapp, Do let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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