How to earn money from home with Rozbuzz WeMedia?

Do you want to know how to earn money from internet very easily? If yes then this article for you What is Rozbuzz Wemedia And how to earn money from this is going to be very profitable. In this way, we know that by writing content in Blogs and making videos in Youtube Channels, you can make a lot of money.

But there is a slight problem in this that you have to come forward in the search results of Google, only then you can earn well here. That’s why we always keep searching on the internet about new online methods many times. In such a situation, today I am going to tell about a similar method in front of you people. Here I will provide you complete information about Rozbuzz Wemedia.

Even before Rozbuzz Wemedia, many platforms are available on the Internet, but it has some features that make it better than others. Perhaps there will be many such users among you who may have already used these platforms.

Whereas today I thought that why should you not be provided complete information about the new Content Platform Rozbuzz like what it is, how to earn money from it, how to register in it etc. So without delay let’s start.

What is Rozbuzz?

RozBuzz WeMedia This is such a new and best versatile app that provides its users with hot and Top Articles, Movie Clips, WhatsApp Status Along with this also share Viral and Funny Videos. It is such a content sharing platform on which new unique contents are shared in the format of both videos and articles.


Their reach is also huge, on which more than 5 million people have joined so far, who use this platform to share content and simultaneously use it on a daily basis to view and read those contents.

RozBuzz is such a media platform where you can share your articles and earn a lot of money. This RozBuzz WeMedia is a great alternative to UC News and Newsdog.

It entertains the users 3000 By providing more and more different articles and videos daily. Also, you can easily earn a lot of money by joining RozBuzz We Media. For this, you just have to share new and unique articles and videos.

Apart from this, as a viewer, you can read articles and watch videos according to your interest. Together you can also download or share them with your friends in social media.

Rozbuzz is India’s Best Versatile App which provides Videos and Articles in 12 categories along with Hot and Top Articles, Movie Clips, Whatsapp Status and Funny Videos. You can read more than 3000 new videos and news on Rozbuzz.

What are the categories in Rozbuzz?

Rozbuzz can publish new, unique and original content in web media as well as other online platforms. It should be completely copyright free. Well it includes many categories such as

  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

In which languages ​​can you write on Rozbuzz WeMedia?

in this you Hindi, English, Tamil and Marathi. Along with this, you can also write your content in many Indian languages. Here your income can increase only due to the popularity of your article. It is not as popular as other platforms but slowly it is becoming popular among the people.

What are the Top Features of Rozbuzz WeMedia:

Breaking News
RozBuzz Pro always keeps you up to date with the latest news. All breaking news whether it is local or global. You can see all the news in one place.

Amazing Videos
This is the encyclopedia of videos where you will get to see unlimited videos, in which jokes, gossips and Bollywood movie trailers.

Bollywood News — Bollywood
All Latest news and videos Bollywood movies, hindi movies and hindi songs

News just For You — Personalized News Reader
You can personalize the delivery of news in this, so that you will only get to see and hear what you want to know.

Intuitive Reading Experience
In this you can get offline reading, customized news feed and smart search engine which gives you a great reading experience.

Multi-language News
At present you can read news in many languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and other languages ​​you can read soon in the next update.

Some special features of RozBuzz

There are many such features in RozBuzz that you cannot see in other platforms.

★ News about which you do not know and you want to know, about recipes and some great life tips that you may not know.

★ You will never be bored in this because you will get a mix of all the news like best news, hot stories, best Gifs, trending articles, fun videos and many more.

★ Also you can see all trending stories in your dashboard by enabling push notification.

How to Join Rozbuzz WeMedia?

If you want to register in Rozbuzz Wemedia then you have to follow the steps mentioned below. So let’s know about this.

Rozbuzz WeMedia Join HindiRozbuzz WeMedia Join Hindi

first you Rozbuzz Of official website will have to go in. There you will see the option of register an account. Here you have to add the phone number and click on send OTP and then verify and enter the password. After this, you have to click on the Terms & Condition checkbox. After clicking it, you can complete the Signup.

Rozbuzz WeMedia RegistrationRozbuzz WeMedia Registration

once you Signup Then you can login to your account. For this you have to enter your number and password. By doing this you can access the main dashboard.
Now a second page will open in front of you in which you have to add all your details.

Wemedia Name
In wemedia name you write the name you want in wemedia account.

You write a little information about your account in the description, what type of topic your account is related to. With this, users will get to know about you.

Here you have to upload a photo in avtar which will appear on your Rozbuzz account.

Profession Field
In this, if you want to select any category, then you can do that.

You can select your preferred language in this which you want.

Email Address
In this you have to enter the registered email id, which you use.

How to become Advance User in Rozbuzz?

You are only a primary user at the beginning of Account Approvable and when you perform better then you can also become Advance User. But for this also there are some conditions,

  • In this your account should be 2 weeks old.
  • At least in originality 300 points should be.
  • At least in Influence 100 points should be.
  • The article should be posted for at least 3 days in the week and should be approved continuously for two weeks.

After completing all these requirements, you will become an Advance user in which you will get more chance to publish articles and videos as well as your reward will also increase.

How much money can be made from Rozbuzz?

You of the Month from Rozbuzz 25 to 30 thousand rupees You can earn more than But for this you have to work accordingly. Together new and unique content will have to be published. Such content has to be written that users like to see and read more. Along with this, many competitions also go on in which you can earn good money by participating.

If you want to withdraw those money, then you can withdraw directly to your bank account as well as transfer them to Paytm. When you will get 1000 rupees in your account then you can transfer them to the account. For this you have to first add in Bank Name, Beneficiary Bank Account No, Beneficiary IFSC Code, Pan Card Payment method.

What is the competition of Rozbuzz?

The competition of Rozbuzz is very good and it provides a great option for content creators to earn money. Once your account is approved then you can participate in all these competitions. Whatever articles you write here are for all competition.

Article Competition: It starts from Monday and runs on Sunday. You get information about this first. According to the terms given in it, you have to submit the article and we media reviews all your content and information about its winner is given on next friday.

  • At least 7 articles have to be published in a week at the time of competition.
  • Maximum 45 articles will have to be posted in a week.
  • Maximum 7 articles can be published in a day of Writer.
  • Article must be original.

Video Competition: Its terms are exactly the same as the article competition. You will have to publish the rest of the content in this way.

  • The size of the video should be within 30MB and should be in MP4 format.
  • Can not put logo of any famous company, logo of app or logo of YouTube channel on video cover.

What are RozBuzz Platforms?

iOS Platform ,

Android ,

What is the goal of RozBuzz?

RozBuzz gives more importance to those topics and areas where Indian new PD is more interested. Their main goal is how to reach the whole world with all the latest updates and information as well as in all different languages.

How to contact RozBuzz?

If you want to know more about this app or have any problem regarding it then you can also email them at [email protected]

what did you learn today

I hope you guys What is Rozbuzz Wemedia in Hindi Gave complete information about and I hope you people have understood about Rozbuzz App in hindi.

Well friends, Rozbuzz Can become a very good part time income source for you but for this you have to follow the above mentioned steps properly.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this. From these thoughts of yours, we will get a chance to learn something and improve something.

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