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Hello friends, our blog to all of you welcome in. As we have already provided information about what is Like App and how to sign up in it.

If you have not read that post of ours, then you must read it once. At the same time, after a lot of requests, we have written this new to earn money from like appI have revealed some very easy methods.

By using these methods, you too can easily earn some money from a video app like Likee App. If you think that information on how to earn money on Likee app is necessary, then you must read this article once. Then let’s start without delay.

Like app information in hindi

Like App a short video creating app By using which any user can create a great video according to his mind. At the same time, it is not mandatory for you to have technical knowledge at all.

In this app, you are provided with many such new features, by using which you can easily professional video You can make that too within a few seconds.

This app has gained so much publicity in such a short time that it is used by many movie artists like Shahid Kapoor, Disha Patani, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor and Sapna Choudhary also use. in today’s time TikTok app If someone is providing a challenge, then it is Like App.

At the same time, you may find it a bit surprising to hear that you can also earn money from Like App. If you want to know how, then read the post completely and do not forget to try the methods mentioned.

how to earn money from like app

how to earn money in like app, Let us now know how you can really earn money from mobile with Like app.

Like App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Hindi

1. Post video by putting #tag

If you are using Likee App, then all of you must have seen that you must have seen #tag many times at the bottom of Likee Videos.

Now you must be thinking that these HashTag What is the real purpose of (#tag). Then the answer is that the hashtag shows which category that video belongs to and what the creator has wanted to express in it.

In such a situation, there are also many companies that create new #tags to launch their new product which is related to them. They do this for the promotion and publicity of their brand.

At the same time, they also keep a reward on these hashtags. That is, the creator who gets the most likes or comments on the video in which this HashTag is used, that company provides money as a reward. for example $50 or $100,

Now in such a competition, the same winner is the one who first uploads a video with a new hashtag. In such a situation, he gets the most likes. So if you also have as much prize in it then you should first of all get new video on hashtag Will have to make

How to find out the new Hastag of Like App first?

Now let’s know how to find the hashtag first.

For this you have to go to the search bar like india page have to search, then this like india page will open in front of you. You will see many hashtags in the profile of that like india, now you have to choose the top one among them. You have to upload your video on the same hashtag.

One thing you should know that you will get many #tags here, but you have to submit the video on the tag as per your wish. Which means you are interested.

2. You Can Make Money With Live Streaming

Like I have already told that you can earn money from hashtag, while you can earn good money from GoLive too. But for this you have to come live.

But this GoLive option is not available to all users, when you 35 levels Only after you complete it, you get permission to come live.

To earn money in this, you have to come live, after that you have to perform something that will be liked by your viewers. If he likes your performance, then he sends you a gift for this. Whereas you can convert those gifts into Rs.

One information that I want to give you that this gifts free They are not there, but they have to be bought by paying money. Only then can you send a gift to it.

3. Earn money by participating in the Likee India contest

The next way to earn money from this app is that you can participate in the contest and you have to make viral videos.

To participate in the contest, open the dashboard of your Like app, then click on the message and then click on the contest.

And then by clicking on Go, you can participate in the contest, but here you have to make the video according to the contest and also give a cover title by choosing the right hashtag and then publish the video. .

From time to time, many times contests are organized on behalf of likee india, if you win in this contest or are also in top-10 then you get many expensive gifts.

4. You can sell your own product on Likee app

On the Like app you can make a video on any of your products, for example, if you sell paintings, you can make a tutorial video on painting.

If your video gets more and more views then your product is likely to sell accordingly.

new ways to earn money from like app

Let us now understand some such methods by using which you can easily earn money from Likee App.

The game of sponsorship runs in all social media platforms. That is, where there is the most traffic (or users), brands often promote themselves and their products.

At the same time, to do such promotion, they are looking for the right creators who have millions of followers. And she provides them sponsorship for the promotion of their products. The creators get a lot of money in these sponsorships.

2. Earn Money with Crown in Likee App

In Likee App, crowns are provided to big creators. Let’s get some information about these crowns.

So friends mainly in Likee App 3 Crown are there.

In K1 Crown Likee App : Friends who have K1 Crown, they get Rs.30000 Plus salary. So if you get k1 crown then you can also earn a lot from it.

In K2 Crown Likee App At the same time, those who have K2 Crown, they get Earning up to Rs.17000 per month.

In K3 Crown Likee App : Now people who have K3 Crown earn up to Rs.3500.

3. Participating in Contests

If you want to participate in Likee App contests then you have to go for it.

Main Dashboard – Messages – Contest

Whereas you can participate in Contests by clicking on Go. Remember that you have to prepare your video according to the reqirements of the contest. Once the video is made then you have to use the right HashTag and also Cover Title also have to give. Finally it has to be published.

Once you complete the Contests then its prize money you get it.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Limit of Likee App?

Likee App Has Minimum Withdrawal Limit $20.

what did you learn today

I hope you like this article of mine how to earn money from like app Must have liked it. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how to earn money from the Like app, so that they do not have to search any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

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