Jaya Kishori told the difference between love and love, if you understand then you will never break the relationship with anyone Leaked on Tamilrockers, hdhub4u, movievarse and Telegram

In today’s era, it is said that even love can be bought with money. But still many rich people struggle with loneliness. Which is proof that money does not have the power to buy true love, and what is sold is selfishness in the guise of love. On completion of which a person leaves one and goes to another. To fulfill your other selfishness. This sequence goes on like a cycle that never stops.

But the surprising thing is that man does not find happiness in this also. Because everyone needs true love. True love is believed to be no less than devotion to God himself. Nothing else in the world can give the happiness that comes from it.

Motivational speaker Jaya Kishori in her Youtube Channel Iamjayakishori It has been told in a video that love and love (true love) are different from each other. If you want to cherish all the relationships in your life forever, then love. But to do this it is very important to understand the difference between love and love.

what is love?

In today’s time, the business of emotions that people do is love. There is selfishness attached to it. As long as this is fulfilled, the relationship of love will continue.

What is love?

What is love?

Love is free. It does not require two people to do this. It is selfless. One person can do it alone. Like the relationship between God and devotee.

love is incomplete without money

love is incomplete without moneylove is incomplete without money

When you love someone, what do you do to make them happy? Get expensive gifts. They take them for tours to expensive places. Actually love is very easy way. For this you just need to spend as much money as possible. Even if your heart strings are not connected to each other.

money has no value in love

money has no value in lovemoney has no value in love

If someone can make you happy even without any expensive gifts. Or is ready to do anything for you, and does not expect anything in return, then that is love.

What is important for a relationship – love or love

What is important for a relationship – love or loveWhat is important for a relationship – love or love

Relationships run with love as well as with love, just the age of the relationship becomes more or less. The day selfishness is fulfilled in love, that day the relationship will also start to weaken. At the same time, relationships with love remain not only for long years but forever. Because in this people’s hearts are devoted to each other.

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