Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story in Hindi (Comedy King of India)

Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story in HindiThe name of Kapil Sharma lives in the hearts of millions of people today. This is the power due to which the whole of India blossoms with laughter. You will find few people laughing in the world and one of those people’s name also comes from Kapil.

Kapil Sharma one stand-up comedianas well as being (comedian) TV presenter(presenter), actor(actor) and singer(singer) too. Kapil ji has a magical bundle of laughter which he opens and makes everyone laugh and people forget their sorrow and pain and laugh openly.

Kapil ji has made his place not only in our India but also in the hearts of people outside the country and today “Comedy King of IndiaKnown as “. There is a hidden painful story behind every successful person, Kapil’s life also has a similar story.

How was his life before becoming a famous comedian? Biography and life story of Kapil Sharma Will go through

Biography of Kapil Sharma | Kapil Sharma Biography in Hindi

Kapil Sharma was born on 2 April 1981 in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. He was born in a middle class family, his father Jitendra Kumar Punjab Police In head constable and his mother Janak Rani was the house wife.

Kapil Sharma Biography & Success in Hindi

There is also his elder brother and a behen in Kapil ji’s house. Kapil Sharma has been very naughty since childhood and he was very fond of watching TV. He used to imitate actors while watching TV and also used to dance after watching songs.

Since childhood, he used to make people laugh with his antics, then he did not know that one day he would make the whole world laugh with his jokes.

Name (Name,Kapil Sharma
Real NameKapil Punj
Nick Name (Nick Name,Tony, Kappu, Comedy King
famous (famous role)Being a host on The Kapil Sharma Show
Birthday (Birthday,2 April 1981
birth place (Birth Place,Amritsar, Punjab, India
Age41 years (in the year 2021)
HometownAmritsar, Punjab, India
School NameShri Ram Ashram Sen Secondary School, Amritsar
College NameHindu College, Amritsar
Zodiac (Zodiac)Aries
citizenship (Citizenship)Indian
Religion (Religion,Sikh
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight80 kg
Body Measurements,chest: 40 inches
34 inches
12 inches
Eye Colorblack
Hair Colorblack
profession (Occupation)comedian, actor, singer, producer
Early Career (Debut)Film : Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon (2015)
TV :
hansade hansaade raho (2006)
girlfriend names (Girlfriends)Ginni Chatrath (Comedian, Entrepreneur)
Marital Status Marital Statusmarried
Marriage Date12 December 2018
wedding venue (Marriage Place,Jalandhar, Punjab

Education of Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma did his studies in his own city Amritsar Shri Ram Ashram Sen secondary Started with school. During his school days, he used to participate in many cultural activities. And since then he has been very fond of acting and drama.

Own 12th After completing his studies, he settled in Amritsar to complete his further studies. Hindu College enrolled in. Even in his college, he used to participate in every activity and since childhood he was also interested in singing and he was also dreaming of becoming a singer when he grew up.

His father also had the same dream that Kapil later became a famous singer. He also used to sing songs in his college functions and along with him, college boys used to make girls laugh by listening to jokes. Because of this, all the children also liked Kapil ji.

In college, from his classmates to all the teachers appreciated the talent settled in him, due to which Kapil’s interest in acting started increasing.

bad days of kapil sharma

Kapil ji completed his studies while playing in school and college. Then suddenly one day due to the painful news, his senses were blown away when he came to know that his father has cancer. To get his father treated, Kapil took him to the best hospital in Delhi. AIMS Took me in.

But unfortunately his father passed away in the year 2004, Kapil ji was only then 23 years were of. A mountain of sorrow broke over him and his family. He belonged to a middle class family and there was only one earning person in the house from whom his house was run.

After the death of his father, one of the sons of the house could have got his job, then Kapil’s mother asked him to do that job, but Kapil ji’s dream was to make something else, so he refused for this job. then his elder brother Ashok Sharma He joined the Punjab Police in place of his father.

Career of Kapil Sharma (Journey of Comedy King)

Due to paucity of money, Kapil ji was not able to join acting course. Seeing the talent growing within him, many institutions gave him money to do acting courses. Kapil moved to Mumbai to start his career and joined theatre.

There he used to act and he used to get some money in return for him. But Kapil was also unhappy with his work. One day he met the famous comedian of Punjab. Gurpreet Singh Saw him doing comedy and Kapil liked his comedy very much and being impressed by him, Kapil also decided to start his career in comedy.

Kapil Sharma 2005 I have a new TV show “Hasde Hasande Rahotook part in and reached there to give audition. But initially Kapil was rejected from there. Even after being expelled from there, Kapil ji did not give up and started working hard to improve himself further.

Kapil used to work hard day and night and today he has made himself so capable that crores of people yearn to meet him.

With full preparation and hard work, Kapil ji again in 2007 TV’s famous program “The Great Indian Laughter Challengetook part in. There he auditioned and this time he got selected.

With his artwork, Kapil ji had started the hearts of the people in this show and in the 3rd season of this show, Kapil Sharma was declared the winner. This was the moment from where Kapil Sharma took his first step towards success.

Kapil on winning 10 lakh The money was received in prizes and Kapil gave his younger sister’s money from that hard work. Pooja Sharma Married with great pomp and fulfilled the duty of being a brother from the heart.

Kapil Sharma now started moving forward to fulfill his dreams and took the responsibility of making people laugh and make them happy. It is said that keeping people happy is the most virtuous work and to earn this virtue, Kapil worked very hard and see today it is the miracle of the same hard work that he is touching the heights of the sky and ruling the hearts of millions of people. Huh.

After Kapil Sharma’s first win, everyone started recognizing him and he started getting offers to host many shows. The first show which was hosted by Kapil ji was a comedy show named “Chhote Miyan” was. Then 2009 In another show by Kapil ji.Hans baliyeAlso hosted.

Slowly, Kapil ji went on climbing the stairs of his success and to show a new form of his comedy, he did a famous show “Comedy Circustook part in. By playing different characters, he made people laugh and laugh and with that Kapil ji became the winner of two seasons of Comedy Circus.

He was accustomed to winning, along with the show, he also went on to win the battle of his life’s struggles.

After showing the form of a stand-up comedian to the people, Kapil ji decided to fulfill his childhood and his father’s wish. 2011 In heStar Ya RockstarBy participating in the singing talent show, he told everyone that apart from being a comedian, he is also the king of music.

Even though he did not win the title of singing in this show, but almost all the great singers of the Bollywood world have praised Kapil’s singing, which is nothing less than a victory for Kapil ji.

Kapil Sharma saidJhalak Dikhla Jaa” of season 6 Hosted together with Manish Paul and also hosted some episodes of Big Boss by Kapil ji. Both his name and fame in the industry started growing very fast. After making his mark, Kapil started his own production house.K9 ProductionLaunched.

2013 In the same production, he started a new show on Colors channel.Comedy Nights with Kapil“, whose writer, producer, director and host he himself took over. This show had become the most popular show of that time. People used to eagerly wait the whole week to watch this show every Saturday and Sunday. Kapil Sharma’s show had the highest TRP in the world of Indian television.

Kapil invited big Bollywood actors and actresses, veteran singers and cricketers to his show and did a lot of talking and laughing with them, which the audience liked a lot.

Once, unfortunately, there was a fire in his new set, due to which Kapil had to face a lot of problems, but Kapil ji did not give up even then and again raised his set again and without stopping he started his work again. .

Kapil Sharma got him because of this skill. 2013 In “Entertainer of the Year“The award was awarded. He also started getting a lot of offers from the film industry and director Abbas Mustan gave Kapil ji his comic film “Kiss Kisko Pyar KaruI signed for the lead role. Kapil’s film got a lot of success and now another new movie of Kapil ji is also going to come on the big screen soon.

Kapil Sharma’s name in the top of today’s magazine Fox India magazine 100 Celebrity is included in. Last year, Kapil’s show Comedy Nights with Kapil ended. And 23 April 2016 To his another new show “The Kapil Sharma ShowStarted on Sony channel which people are liking even more. Kapil ji is slowly touching the heights of success like this and fulfilling all the dreams of himself and his family.

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