New Year Tech Resolution 2022- How to make your life better

New Year Tech Resolution 2022 The new year is very close to us, in such a situation, I think that many of us must have thought something or the other that what resolution should be taken in this new year. And it is also justified to do this because the new year brings new enthusiasm and new thinking and in such a situation it is our duty to think something new for ourselves, do something new so that we have to make ourselves better in this new year than before. .

For example, some of us may have thought that in this new year they want to be more fit, learn some new skill or get rid of some old bad habit. Taking a new resolution is not a big deal, but it is a big deal to implement it properly.

Because it takes a lot of effort to stick to your new resolution. Whereas there are many such people who are not able to live up to it. In such a situation, we should stick to our intentions and try as much as possible to live up to our promises.

New Years Resolution

If I talk about these resolutions, then along with other resolutions, we should also take some such Tech Resolutions so that our Tech Life can be improvised. Today we will know about some such Tech Solutions which can make our life even better.

So without delay let’s start and know how we can make our life technically better through these new year Tech Resolution.

1. Unsubscribe to Unwanted Email Lists and delete Spam/Unwanted Emails

We have to agree that many times we subscribe to Newsletter or promotional emails thinking that they will help us a lot later. But nothing like this happens and in return for our help, these emails occupy even more space of our email account.

Not only this, when we think of deleting them, then it becomes very difficult to find them. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this problem, then you should unsubscribe them.

First you have to choose which emails are of no use to you and then unsubscribe them. That’s why take a good look at your inbox today itself and unsubscribe the things that are not needed.

2. Organize Your Photos & Files

There will hardly be any of us who does not like photography and who does not want to organize the photographs taken by him properly. Yes, it is absolutely true that nowadays there is a lot of space in gadgets to store photos. But with time, that too starts to fade away. For this reason, our systems gradually start getting disorganized.

A very good way is to remove duplicate photos and files from your systems. This gives a lot of extra space to the system and we get useful photos and files. By the way, it is not possible to do this work manually, so for this you can take the help of some tools so that you can do this work very easily.

With this you can properly organize your files and photos in your system.

3. Keep backing up your old data regularly in Cloud Storage

As we know how important data is for everyone, but it is equally important to store it properly. Managing Storage Space may look easy but it is not that much. It is equally difficult to do this.

There is a lot of space in the external hard drive, but with time it also seems to be less and only then we start facing difficulties. Because we cannot delete some things which are necessary and cannot bring something new because we do not have that much space. In such a situation, only one option remains with us and that is Cloud Storage.

There is no limit to Cloud Storage and we can easily use it where we can save photos, videos, files, documents. It is also safer than offline storage and also portable. We can access it from any place in the world.

4. Do good to someone else with your old tech devices

A very good New Year’s Tech Resolution is that you donate your old gadgets to other needy people. It may sound a bit strange, but believe me, there is no greater happiness than charity or charity.

I know you will have many such gadgets which you are not using but you will have them in perfect condition. It is better to donate them for the use of some needy than to leave them open to be washed away.

This will give you a lot of peace because the thing that does not help you will be useful to someone else. This will make him very happy because he did not have that much.

Although you can resell such devices, but from this you will not feel the peace that you will have in giving it to someone. Be it your old mobile phone or tablet, or any other electronic item. You can use the stuff that you don’t need.

5. Use social media less and take some time for yourself

In today’s time, it is very difficult to find time for yourself. Today more than 90% people are involved in social media in such a way that they do not get even a little time for themselves.

With the help of social media, we can stay connected with our friends and family, but in doing so, much of our time and energy is lost. These types of apps are very distracting and they have a very negative impact on us, due to which our life can be imbalanced.

So think this year that you will keep the right balance between your social media apps and your productive work and live your life in the right way.

6. Use a good Password Manager

If you can’t remember your passwords like me, then you have to use a good Password Manager. Once you install them then you do not need to remember your passwords in future.

There is no risk of losing your passwords due to this. With this, you can create Highly Secured Passwords.

7. Do not break any relation digitally

It was found from a survey that more than 55% of young people break their years of relationships digitally in a jiffy. They break their relationships easily mainly by texting, or by email or by using social media. It is also easy to do this because you do not have to do any difficult work.

For this you just have to type something online. But later you have to repent. In this new year, take a vow that you will not take this easy path and if you want to break the relationship, then you will take a decision face to face, it is possible that you will change your decision later.

8. Keep your gadgets clean

Gadgets of most people are very dirty, due to which many diseases may have to be faced later. Remote controls, AC remotes located in homes are the most dirty. So in this new year, invest your money in good cleaning supplies so that your equipment remains usable and you stay away from diseases.

9. Keep updating your softwares from time to time

By updating your softwares from time to time, they work properly. With this, your system also runs properly and you do not have to restart again and again.

10. Go Paperless

The way in which the use of papers is increasing nowadays, the day is not far when more trees will stop being available. Because paper requires trees. And slowly we humans have started destroying all our forests for our selfishness.

Technology has become so advanced today that we can use Computers, SmartPhones very easily where we used to use papers earlier. Even we can use ebook in place of books. Apart from this, reduce the use of papers wherever possible and give the same advice to the people.

11. Strengthen Your Digital Security

As we are becoming digitally advanced, hackers are also using it to cheat the common people. That’s why it is our duty to keep our data as secure as possible. Therefore, if you have an Android Phone, then use a good Antivirus in it, lock it properly with a password.

And if you are a Windows user, then you can use the two-step authentication program. With this, keep updating your Antivirus from time to time. Use original softwares as much as possible. This will automatically keep your system fine.

12. Upgrade your Tech Products

They say that we should not move with time, just as we should upgrade our Tech Products at the right time. Because if you want to know about new features and new technology, then you will have to upgrade your Gadgets. So upgrade your gadgets as much as possible in this new year.

You were reading about some such new New Year Tech Resolution which you can do very easily. You can also do these together with other resolutions, so that you can keep yourself completely fit in this new year. So are you ready to improve yourself technically in this new year with me.

How to write a New Year’s resolution?

You do not need to write a New Year’s resolution, we have given information about it above. You must adopt some of these in your life.

Is it necessary to make a New Year’s resolution?

Yes, if you want to bring positive changes in your life, then definitely take some resolution in the new year.

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