Nora Fatehi never does this work while dating boys, know how correct this old rule of dating is? Leaked on Tamilrockers, hdhub4u, movievarse and Telegram

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ But many famous actors of Bollywood industry come as guests. Not only this, many times he/she also makes many revelations about his/her personal life on this stage. This time the actress who won millions of hearts with her dance moves Nora Fatehi has done it. nora, Akshay Kumar, Disha Patani, Mouni Roy And Sonam Bajwa Came on Kapil Sharma’s show with.

Here Nora told that whenever she goes on a date with someone, she does not pay the bill. on which the judge of the show Archana Puran Singh Stopped them and said that ‘Now the world has changed a lot, girls also pay’. Although these things were happening on the stage of a comedy show. But in fact how wrong or right it is to do so needs to be considered.

Dating traditional rule- boys spend on date

Dating is one of the oldest ways to start a romantic relationship. Where the boy tries to impress the girl. For this, boys also bear the expenses of expensive restaurants and gifts. In return the girls just want to spend time with them. This is a very old rule of dating. Where boys don’t let girls spend.

How true is the old rule of dating?

How true is the old rule of dating?

In the olden days, boys used to bear all the expenses on the date because most of the girls did not earn at that time. In such a situation, boys used to take her to expensive places at their own expense to express their love and make her feel special.

But in today’s time when girls are at par with boys in all respects, what is wrong in sharing the cost of the date? Instead, you should feel better doing it.

Benefits of sharing bills together on debt

Benefits of sharing bills together on debtBenefits of sharing bills together on debt

Whether you’re going on your first date with someone or your tenth, it’s always a good idea to split the expenses. Although many boys or men shy away from the offer of sharing the bill. But they like this thing, and in their eyes your importance also increases.

Also, this initiative of yours also promotes equal partnership in the relationship. Apart from this, you can also explore expensive places together with your date.

Avoiding spending on debt can make you a gold digger

gold diggergold digger

Gold digger is a negative term used for girls. It is said to those girls, who use boys to handle their expenses and enjoy. In such a situation, by giving your own expenses every time on a date, you are saved from creating such an image of yourself.

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