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Pinocchio 2022 is an English film. This is actually a musical fantasy comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis. At the same time, the screenplay of this film has been written by Zemeckis and Chris Weitz.

If you’re wondering whether or not Pinocchio is a horror movie, I have to tell you that the Italian live-action version has mild scares and risks. The film, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, is a live-action remake of Walt Disney’s 1940 animated film of the same name, based on the 1883 Italian book The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi himself.

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Pinocchio Movie Download, hitting Disney+ on Thursday, you could watch it with your family, but here’s why it might not be worth your time. That’s not to mention Matteo Garrone’s 2019 Italian-language Pinocchio, which features Roberto Benigni – who previously played the titular character in the 2002 film version he himself directed – the kindly woodcarver father of the little wooden boy. as Gepetto.

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The film has positive messages and role models, but also many dark, disturbing, tragic, scary, violent and mature themes and scenes. These themes and visuals make the film unsuitable for children under the age of five, and we recommend parental guidance for children under the age of nine.

Pinocchio (2022) stays true to the darker themes of the original story, and unlike the Disney animated classic, it is not a film for young children. Although beautifully made, it emphasizes the true elements of the story and the dangers of innocence and naivete.

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over here you Pinocchio Full Movie Download Filmywap The trailer can be seen online. The film shows that the Indian audience has matured, that it wants authentic stories and not true stories.

Some popular films like Me Time, Samaritan, Mirage, Locke and Key Season 3 etc. have also become victims of this.

“Pinocchio” is only the second-worst movie ever to feature Tom Hanks as the puppet master with a thick European accent, released in 2022.

The new Disney Plus film Pinocchio is a mostly live-action remake of the 1940 Disney animated classic, about a wooden boy who wants to be real, but must first go through a series of trials and temptations in order to do so.

Pinocchio Movie Release Date and Time

Pinocchio Movie To September 08, 2022 at 09:00 am IST Has been released worldwide. Whereas if you have a subscription to Disney + Hotstar, then you can watch it by streaming it online. where you want it Download You can also do it in your mobile or computer.

This adaptation of the classic Disney story follows the original story quite closely. Geppetto, an old Italian man, creates Pinocchio in memory of his late son. He wishes for a star, which makes the puppet come to life. Brave, truthful and selfless, Pinocchio embarks on a journey to become a real boy with Jimmy Cricket, who acts as his conscience.

Pinocchio Movie Cast

let’s know now Pinocchio Movie What is the full cast of. If you are looking for Pinocchio Movie Cast, then you have come to the right place. Tom Hanks, Cynthia Erivo, Giuseppe Battiston are the main characters in the film. It will be available on Disney+ Hotstar on August 5, 2022.

Like the eponymous puppet at its center, “Pinocchio” lives in an existential refinement. The latest live-action remake of the animated Disney classic captures an uncomfortably creative middle ground between remaining true to its beloved roots while aiming to refresh for modern audiences. Familiar lines share space with snarky one-liners. It’s not just a piece of wood, but it’s not a real boy either.

MoviePinocchio Movie
ArtistsTom Hanks, Cynthia Erivo, Giuseppe Battiston
DirectorRobert Zemeckis
Movie TypeFantasy, Comedy, Drama

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The story is simple. Several uncharacteristic characters try to stop Pinocchio from the right path and are forced to find their way, usually under the guidance of Jimmy Cricket. It’s simple and sweet but ultimately it lacks depth. This is not a story that makes you think or feel excessively.

The new Disney Plus movie Pinocchio is a mostly live-action remake of the 1940 Disney animated classic, about a wooden boy who wants to be real, but in order to do so he must first go through a series of trials and temptations. You may already know the story, but director and co-writer Robert Zemeckis corralled stars like Tom Hanks, Cynthia Erivo, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Keegan-Michael Key to give it new life.

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It certainly makes sense that Zemeckis would want to take on this massive project, though, with Chris Weitz (“About a Boy”) as director and co-writer. Sadly, Figaro, Gepetto’s beloved cat, looks suspiciously like a CGI creation. The mix of animation and human characters did little to bring it to life. Another cat in the movie named Gideon isn’t even really real.

Just as the original “Pinocchio” was significant in its artistic complexity, Zemeckis has always pushed the possibilities of animation and visual effects out of a dazzling hybrid of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. For his pioneering use of motion capture in “The Polar Express”. (And, thankfully, technology has evolved since 2004 to keep human characters from looking so horribly rubbery.)

DistributorDisney+ Hotstar
Channel PartnerSony Max
Music PartnerZee Music
Running TimeNot Available
Release Date8 September 2022

What is the release date time of Pinocchio Movie?

Pinocchio Movie’s Disney+ Hotstar I have release date time 8th September 2022,

Who is the Director of Pinocchio Movie?

Pinocchio Movie is the director of Robert Zemeckis ,

Can we watch Pinocchio Movie with our family?

Yes, if you want, we can watch Pinocchio Movie sitting with our family.

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