Singer angry on linking Sona Mohapatra’s tweet with Shahnaz Gill, said- In my book… Leaked on Tamilrockers, hdhub4u, movievarse and Telegram

Sona Mohapatra on Shehnaaz Gill: Singer Sona Mohapatra recently made a tweet about feminism and sisterhood. Users saw this tweet associating it with actress Shahnaz Gill. Now a reply has come from Sona Mohapatra regarding this, in which she told that her tweet is not about Shahnaz Gill. Users linked Sona’s tweet to Shehnaaz Gill because sometime back she targeted Shehnaaz for supporting #MeToo accused director Sajid Khan.

Shahnaz Gill was not targeted

Now, Sona believes that this issue needs to move beyond “catfight imagery” and talk about the real issues. Speaking to Hindustan Times about her tweets, Mohapatra said, “I have been talking about women empowerment and equal rights for more than a decade as an artist in the public domain. This means that it is equally important to call out opportunistic women who are more than happy to settle for fame and success in favor of well-established male sexual predators. It sets back the fight for a better world and is heartbreaking. Not that we have ever got anything like an acknowledgment of their wrongdoings from men like Sajid Khan or (singer) Anu Malik. When women side with them and remain silent, it is equally disturbing. In my book of feminism, not all women are saints, nor are all men demons.

choose the right idol

She added, “If we expect men to be better, then don’t these standards apply to women? It’s very disturbing to read headlines of ‘lashing out’, ‘slamming’, ‘dig taking’ at another woman.” It is a cliché of the patriarchal mindset.”

Sona Mohapatra says that today people should choose their idols correctly. Only then he/she will be able to set the right example for the youth to come. he/she also appealed that people should refuse to work with known sexual predators, just as we should with sexual predators of children.

he/she said, if you want to idealize an actress? Choose Alia Bhatt, Tabu or a hundred other actors who are really good at what they do. You want to make a singer your idol? Pick Shreya Ghoshal, The Nooran Sisters and a hundred other singers who actually sing live on stage and don’t lip sync.”

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