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Sushil Kumar or whose full name is Sushil Kumar Solanki is a famous freestyle wrestler from India. He has given India two consecutive medals in the Olympic Games. Silver medal in 2012 London Olympics and bronze medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics. After so many achievements, there will hardly be any Indian who does not know about Sushil Kumar.

Ever since Sushil Kumar started his career in wrestling, he has always been making India proud. Not only this, he has been motivating other new wrestlers as well. With this it would not be wrong to call him the priceless gem of India.

In today’s article, we will know about some unheard and untold things related to the life of Sushil Kumar. Hope you will definitely like this effort of ours. then let’s start biography of wrestler sushil kumar,

wrestler Sushil Kumar murder case

In today’s time Sushil Kumar is in a lot of headlines. The basic reason for this is that the police believe that he is associated with a murder case. It was very shocking when a news came out on Sunday, May 23 which shook the entire Indian sports fraternity. Sushil Kumar ji was arrested by Delhi Police in connection with the murder of another wrestler Sagar Rana. This incident took place at Chhatrasal Stadium.

Things got a bit strange when Sushil Kumar and one of his associates, Ajay Kumar had disappeared immediately after this incident. It was also revealed from a report that Sushil, being a fellow, had also given some money to shoot the video of this whole incident, which later created basic trouble for him only. Sushil believed that through this video, he wanted to tell the other wrestlers in his community that no one can do such an act with a two-time Olympic winner.

He wants to do this as a warning, but during this act, wrestler Sagar Rana dies at the hands of Sushil Kumar.

Who is Sagar Rana?

Sagar Rana is the person who was murdered at the hands of Sushil Kumar. Sagar Rana was 23 years old, who was also a junior wrestler. He was actually the son of the head constable of Delhi Police.

What is Sagar Murder Case?

According to a report, it is being told that Sagar and his friends used to live in a house on rent. This house was actually in the name of Sushil’s wife (Savi Kumar).

Sushil was pressurizing to get this house vacated. But Sagar was not listening to Sushil’s words at all. Not only this, he and his companions had also refused to give money.

After that Sushil Kumar along with his companions went to the Modern Town area where Sagar and his truths were kidnapped from flat number D 10/6. After kidnapping, he was taken to Chhatrasal Stadium. During this whole incident, Sushil Kumar was sitting in the car with a gun.

After this, Sushil and his associates started beating Sagar and his companions in that stadium. Along with this, bullets were also fired to scare them, which did not have much effect on them. This fight had become so much that Sagar Rana had become infatuated for some time.

Meanwhile, Sagar’s friends had also informed the police, and upon seeing the opportunity, Sushil and along with him fled from that place. Later, the police got Sagar and his associates admitted to the hospital. But Sagar died during treatment in the hospital itself.

These were some such things related to the government assassination that you might not know. Right now Sushil Kumar has been arrested by the police and he is facing the case of Sagar murder case. At the same time, he has also been boycotted from his job.

Sushil Kumar Biography

Personal information of Sushil Kumar ji has been made available here. You can get all the information through this table.

Name (Name)Sushil Kumar Solanki
Father’s name (father’s name)Diwan Singh
Mother’s name (Mother’s name)Kamla Devi
Wife (wife’s name)Wife (wifeSavi Kumar
Height5′ 5
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Date of Birth (date of birth)26th May, 1983
Age (age)36
Birth Place (birth place)Baprola
Zodiac Sign (Zodiac)Gemini
HometownBaprola, Delhi
CollegeNoida College of Physical Education, Noida

Sushil Kumar Early life

Indian wrestler Sushil was born in a Jat family in Baprola village near Najafgarh in South West Delhi. His father Diwan Singh was a driver in MTNL Delhi, while his mother Kamala Devi is a homemaker.

He completed his graduation in physical education from Noida College of Physical Education, Dadri and masters in the same subject.

Sushil Kumar is a strict vegetarian wrestler. They like to eat food like milk, ghee and fresh vegetables. Sushil is currently working as Assistant Commercial Manager in Indian Railways.

Sushil Kumar the professional life

Ever since Sushil ji considered wrestling as his everything, he never looked back. He won his first medal in the Asian Junior Wrestling Championship in 2000. There he won a gold medal.

After dropping out of junior competitions, Sushil won a bronze medal at the 2003 Asian Wrestling Championships. After this he won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship.

Sushil Kumar had a poor performance at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, finishing 14th in the 60 kg weight category. But he didn’t give up. Rather, he made a strong comeback by winning gold medals at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships in 2005 and 2007.

Sushil won his first medal at the Olympics by winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. On 20 August 2008, he played a bronze medal match against Leonid Spiridonov, defeating him 3:1.

He created history at the 2012 Olympics, winning a silver medal in the event, thus becoming the first Indian wrestler to win two Olympic medals in the history of the event. He lost to Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu in the 2012 London Olympic final, losing the gold medal.

Sushil Kumar won the gold medal by defeating Qamar Abbas in the 74kg final to win the gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

Sushil achieved his last major tournament win at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast, Australia. He won the gold medal in the 74 kg category by defeating Johannes Botha in the final.

Sushil Kumar’s family

Talking about Sushil Kumar’s family, his father’s name was Diwan Singh and mother’s name was Kamla Devi. He was born in a middle class family. He was born in Baprola village. His father was a bus driver while his mother was a homemaker.

He got the inspiration for wrestling from his father and cousin Sandeep. His cousin gave up wrestling as his family could support only one. Despite having so little money and facilities, he fulfilled his dream. In this, his family members had full support.

wife of sushil kumar

Sushil Kumar’s wife’s name is Savi Kumar. She is actually the daughter of Sushil’s guru Satpal Singh. She was also a good tennis player at one time and she has also played National. The couple tied the knot in 2011 in a private ceremony with friends and family. He has 2 sons.

Sushil Kumar’s Diet

He takes a balanced diet along with a strict schedule for his training. His daily routine starts at 5 am, which includes running, having breakfast, post breakfast, lunch and dinner. He sleeps in the bed till 10 pm after proper training in the middle of his whole day.

in their diet Fresh Juice, Eggs, Milk, Bread, Banana, Paneer, Roti, Green Vegetables, Almonds, Chapati and other high protein vegetarian diets.

Career of Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar started his wrestling career at a very young age of 14. Due to not having that much money, he had to be deprived of the training of high standard. At that time he used to learn from famous wrestling coach Satpal ji. After a few months of training, he started playing stakes in his circuit and started playing there as well.

He won his first gold medal at the World Cadet Games in 1998. Since then he never looked back. In 2000, he won a gold medal in the Asian Junior Wrestling Championship and emerged as one of the top budding wrestlers of India. With his dedication and hard work, he soon became a pro wrestler and won his first bronze medal in the year 2003.

After this he won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships in London. He is one of the biggest sports icons and has been seen in many commercials like Eicher Motors, Patanjali, Mountain Dew among many others.

Awards and Achievements of Sushil Kumar

  • Arjuna Award was awarded in the year 2005.
  • Received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Ward in 2008.
  • Padma Shri Award was received in the year 2011.

Records of Sushil Kumar

Here is information about some of his records:

  • The gold medal was received in the London Commonwealth Championship in 2003.
  • Received a bronze medal at the New Delhi Asian Championships in 2003.
  • Received gold medal in Cape Town Commonwealth Championship 2005.
  • Received the gold medal in the London Commonwealth Championship 2007.
  • Received silver medal at Kyrgyzstan Asian Championships in 2007.
  • Bronze Medal found Beijing Olympics,2008 In.
  • Received a bronze medal at the Jeju Island Asian Championships, 2008.
  • Received Gold medal in Jalandhar Commonwealth Championship,2009.
  • Received Gold medal in New Delhi Asian Championship, 2010.
  • Received a Gold medal in the 2010 Moscow World Championships.
  • Received Gold medal in Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010.
  • Silver Medal Received London Olympics,2012 In.
  • Received gold medal in Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, 2018.

Sushil Kumar Net Worth of

Sushil Kumar’s net worth is estimated between $100k and $1M (approx).

Sushil Kumar K Social Media Profiles

Sushil Kumar Net Worth

Name the first guru of Sushil Kumar?

The name of Sushil Kumar’s first guru is Satpal Singh.

What is the date of birth of Sushil Kumar?

Sushil Kumar’s date of birth 26/5/1983 Is.

What was the name of Sushil Kumar’s mentor?

Sushil Kumar ji has received education from Satpal, Yashveer, Rajkumar Baisla Gurjar and Gyan Singh.

Who is Sushil Kumar’s favorite film actor?

Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are his favorite actors.

Is Sushil Kumar a vegetarian?

Yes Sushil Kumar is a vegetarian.

What are the names of Sushil Kumar’s sons?

The names of the sons of Sushil Kumar are Suveer Kumar and Suvarna Kumar.

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