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The Chant Release Window Revealed, Xbox One & PS4 Versions Missing: Hello friends welcome to you. In today’s article, we are going to know about The Chant Release Window Revealed, Xbox One & PS4 Versions Missing. And are going to watch The Chant Release Window Revealed, Xbox One & PS4 Versions Missing Review at the same time. The craze is as much global as in the fans of Hindi films.

Developer Brass Token has confirmed a more narrow release window for its upcoming horror game The Chant. It scheduled to drop sometime in the fall and the team released a trailer celebrating the news, which showcases the atmospheric adventure. However, those who still haven’t upgraded to Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 may see their worst fears realized, as the trailer doesn’t mention anything regarding the previously announced PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The Chant is the first release from Brass Token, a studio comprised of developers who previously made their name on underappreciated gems like Sleeping Dogs and Bully. The trailer shows off a radically different game from those titles, resulting in something that looks more akin to Silent Hill but on a remote retreat instead of a spooky town. This is consistent with its announcement in June 2021 where the game was also targeting a 2022 release.

That reveal for The Chant also stated it would be on Xbox One and PS4, which might no longer be the case since those versions weren’t listed in the trailer. And while it seems as though they might have been canceled, Brass Token wasn’t as clear. In a reply on Twitter, the team noted that it is currently “focusing development on Gen 9 and PC to make sure they meet the highest quality standards” before saying that “news regarding Gen 8 versions will follow in the near future.”

It’s possible that the PS4 and Xbox One might see downsized ports in the months following the current-gen release. Fellow horror game Tormented Souls did something similar as the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch ports came out months after its release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if those versions were canceled. The game’s listing on the PlayStation Store doesn’t have any platforms attached, either, further lending credence to that idea. However, Xbox still lists it as playable on Xbox One.

This (including the vague PlayStation Store listing) would echo what happened with Gotham Knights. Last week, Warner Bros. revealed that the superhero co-op game would be ditching Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and only be releasing on the newest systems available. If The Chant also drops the last batch of consoles, it could be the start of a trend as more and more developers stop trying to optimize around old hardware and come to the same conclusion that WB Games Montréal did. Moving on is an inevitable part of every generation and it might finally be starting to happen with this one.

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