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Couples are in their honeymoon periods for the first few weeks of marriage. During this, both agree in everything to make each other feel good and comfortable. But after that things start changing. The first 365 days as husband and wife are often the toughest. Because during this time you try to mold things according to you. Because of which sometimes there is a fight with the partner.

It is not right to judge your partner on the basis of initial fights in marriage. Nor do these differences bode ill for years to come. Because when couples fight during the first year of their marriage, it is often due to stress as they are facing new challenges together for the first time. Here we are telling you five such reasons, due to which almost all couples fight in the initial 6 months.

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Expecting partner to understand things without saying

Nowadays people get to know each other well before marriage. That’s why after marriage it is expected that the partner understands everything in the mind without speaking. But this is impossible to do. Somebody can know your habits. Not the untold things. Due to which most of the newly married couples fight with each other. You learn with time how easily talking to your partner can solve things.

try to replace each other

try to replace each other

It is human nature to change everything according to oneself. People start doing the same with their partners after marriage. Due to which mutual differences start. This fight will happen again and again.

Always remember that you and your life partner are two different individuals, just as you have your likes and dislikes, so do they. In such a situation, it is foolish to expect someone to get cast in your color. Once you accept your partner with their habits, you will be able to appreciate and respect them. This is one of the most important lessons for your first year and beyond.

feeling of being a boring old couple

feeling of being a boring old couplefeeling of being a boring old couple

If you are feeling like a boring old couple after being together for a few days, then with each passing time the distance starts increasing. Every little thing turns into a fight.

That’s why it is important to make every day romantic. Go out to dinner, take a walk, play a board game, or work out together. You’ll both be surprised at how much fun you can have together despite all the obstacles that come with marriage.

when you take the pressure of getting married

when you take the pressure of getting marriedwhen you take the pressure of getting married

You don’t need to remind yourself everyday that you are married. This pressure can make it difficult for you to spend time with your partner. Don’t force anything. Even if it is love. Always remember that the more you prioritize your quality time, the stronger the relationship.

Wanting personal space from partner

Wanting personal space from partnerWanting personal space from partner

Personal space is very important in a relationship. Due to its lack, the relationship becomes toxic. The partner starts feeling like a headache, not romantic. Because of which fights start happening without any reason.

In such a situation, every partner needs to understand that even though both of you have started a new life, but also have a personal life of your own where there is no need for interference from the other.

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