what are the rules of writing a story

what are the rules of writing a story, From old times till now, children and adults all listen to many stories by grandmother and they enjoy a lot. But do you know how these stories are composed and what is there in it that sounds so good.

Actually, the entire responsibility of making the story interesting and fun depends on the writer of the story. If the story teller knows how to write the story with examples and good language, then the story becomes a lot of fun to read. So do you also want to write a story, if yes, then it is very important for you to know about some of its rules first. What are the rules for writing a story if you too?

If you want to get every important information related to what is required to write a story, then for that you will need to read our article till the end. Because in today’s article I am going to share information about how to write a good story with all of you. Before that read 100+ Short Stories in Hindi.

What are the rules for writing a good story?

As we know that there are some or the other rules for writing everything. Similarly, some rules have been made for writing a story. If you just write the story without following any rules, then that story will not become interesting and funny.

story writing rules

So let’s know about the important rules to follow to write a good story, how to write a story.

1. Choose an Appropriate Title

If you want to write any story, the first rule of writing it is to choose the right title. This is because most of the people can guess on what subject the story is written just by reading the title of the story. So the first thing you have to do is choose the right title.

2. Equal contribution of all characters

The second rule of writing any story is to present equal contribution of all the characters. As we know that whatever character is being told in the story, they should have their own role. The characters should be revealed at the time when they are needed.

3. The beginning of the story should be interesting and engaging

Actually, the biggest rule of writing any story is that its beginning should be interesting and attractive. Because the whole story depends on your opening line that how the story will be. If seen, any person reads the story in the beginning and if he finds it funny then only he would like to read that story completely.

In such a situation, while writing the story, you must pay attention that the beginning of the story should be interesting and attractive. So that any reader would think of reading the next story only after reading the story in the beginning. This rule is considered the most important rule of story writing. Which is very important to follow.

4. Read more and more stories

There is also a rule of story writing that you need to read as many stories as possible before writing the story. Because the more stories you read, the more experience you will get. In such a situation, it will help you to make the story fun and exciting. If seen, in today’s time, most of the young writers are learning to write a story only by reading the story.

5. Choose a secluded place to write a story

The important rule of writing a good story is that whenever you write a story, write it in a lonely place. Because you can write a good story only in a place of peace. If seen, most of the writers go to a peaceful place to write the story so that they can write the story well with peace of mind.

6. Make good use of time

There is also a rule of writing a story that you need to make good use of time. Actually, before writing a story, you must decide how many words you can write at a time. However, on the first day of writing the story, you may feel a little sore.

Some writers tell that they can write up to 2 thousand 5 thousand words everyday. But all of you prepare a goal that today you have to write so much. In such a situation, your attention will be more on writing. If seen, this is considered a good rule of writing a story.

7. The language of the story should be simple and easy

There is also a rule of writing a story that the language of your story should be simple and easy. Because people like to read stories in Hindi language in simple words. So this is one of the most important rules for writing your story. So if you also want to write a story, then for that you must follow all the rules given above.

How to start writing a story?

To start writing a story, you should use simple words. Also you should follow all the rules mentioned in the article. Only then you will be able to write the story well.

How many types of story are there?

Do you also want to write a story, if yes then you need to know about the different types of stories. So for your information, let me tell you that there are many types of stories. Which includes fairy tales, horror, mystery, fantasy, comedy etc.

What did you learn today?

I hope you like our today’swhat is the rule of writing off loss Must have liked the post of In today’s article, I have given all of you information about all those rules of story writing, which is very important for all of you to follow. If you want to ask any kind of question after reading this post of our today’s story, then you can ask by commenting.

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