What is a tablet and what is its function

Do you know What is Tablet, Perhaps there will be many of you who have used or are using the tablet to do their work. But there will be many of you who do not know that this What is A Tablet PC,

As we are becoming technologically advanced, in the same way information technology is also becoming an important part of our life. Today you look at any person, everyone must have an electronic device, whether it is a smartphone, a computer, a laptop or a tablet.

The main reason why all these devices are so popular is that they are very portable and can be used anywhere and anytime. Gradually, due to increasing their demands, more manufacturers are also making kisses and it is also becoming very popular among the common people.

Devices such as Laptops and Tablets have to be used more easily to do all the tasks of the computer. Tablets can be mainly used with Internet Browsing, as a media device and also according to the designing tool.

In such a situation, it is very important that people have complete information about the tablet so that they can use it properly to perform their tasks. That’s why today I thought that why you should not be provided complete information about what is a tablet PC in Hindi, which is very important for you to know.

So without delay, let’s start and know what is this table and how and where it is used.

What is Tablet PC

One tablet computeror a tablet or simply a tab, is a type of mobile computer, larger than a mobile phone or personal digital assistant, into which a flat touch screen is integrated and operated primarily as a screen. By touching it, while without using a physical keyboard.

What is the tablet

Most of the time, an onscreen virtual keyboard, a passive stylus pen, or a digital pen are used.

A tablet personal computer (tablet PC) is a type of portable personal computer equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device.

Its name is tablet because the size of this computer is of tablet size. Due to its poratability, it is used by all users very easily.

The concept of the tablet was first sketched Alan Kay by Xerox in Sun 1971 In and after that many iterations were done in tablet devices in its designs and features.

The first successful tablet and the one that people liked very much was Apple iPadwhich was first released in 2010.

Who invented the tablet computer?

Tablet computer was invented by Jeff Hawkins in 1989.

what is the function of tablet

1. Tablet computers are much less powerful than a ‘proper’ PCs. In this, instead of a fully fledged operating system (OS) such as Windows, an extended version of SmartPhone OS is generally used in a tablet.

2. Even though it may be a little small to fit in your hands, but it is large enough to display a lot of text that too of decent size, tablets have been invented to provide the feeling of a book or magazine to a computer.

3. This tablet is very ideal for web browsing, its size and shape provide ease in reading text and holding that device. All tablets nowadays are wifi enabled, which makes it easier for users to browse the Internet, in this a 3G or 4G connection can be used, which can be easily connected to the internet from anywhere and anytime.

4. Others smartphones Just like, tablet computers also have access to connect to PlayStore, App Store, etc., so that apps can be easily purchased and downloaded.

5. Tablet computers are also very excellent media players. With its built-in speakers, users can easily listen to music. Also, if a good graphics card is used in it, then you can also watch videos of HD quality.

6. In most tablets e-reader software There are so that E-Books can be downloaded and can also be read.

7. Android Games or iOS games can also be played in these tablets.

How does the tablet work?

Tablets also work in the same way as most electronics work, especially computers and smartphones. They also have a screen, which is powered by a rechargeable battery, along with a built-in camera, built-in mic and speaker.

Apart from this, there are also storage devices to store all the files.

The primary difference between a tablet and other devices is that it does not contain all the hardware components that are outside the device as in the desktop computer, but all the hardwares are embedded in the tablet.

It usually uses a special mobile operating system, which has many features in-built.

Since tablets are built for mobility and the entire screen is touch-sensitive, you do not need to use an external keyboard or mouse.

Here you can interact with everything in the screen itself using your finger or a stylus. By the way, if you want, you can connect the keyboard and mouse wirelessly.

Similar to a desktop computer, where you use a mouse to move the cursor to navigate the screen, on a tablet you can use your finger instead of a mouse to interact with the On-Screen Windows. For, with this you can play games, open apps, draw etc.

Tablets are recharged with a cable that is identical to a cell phone charger, USB-C, Micro-USB either Lightning cable, It depends on the device whether the battery used in it is removable or replaceable.

What is a Phablet?

One Phablet The device is called in which this word is made up of two words “phone” and “tablet”. This is a phone that is so big that it resembles like a tablet.

Phablets are not actually tablets in the traditional sense, but Oversized Smartphones are sometimes called as Phablets.

What are the Advantages of Tablets

1. It is used in such places where there is no space to use keyboards and mouse.

2. Lighter weightand being lower power models, they can be used according to an E-Book reader.

3. Touch environment It is very easy to navigate by having it.

4. It is very easy to do digital painting and image editing in this as compared to painting and sketching with a mouse.

5. In this diagramsmathematical notations, and symbols can be easily entered.

6. Its touch screen ability is liked by many users because it is easy for them to control the device.

7. Current tablets have more battery life laptops And compared to netbooks.

What are the disadvantages of tablets

1. have a higher price – Their prices are slightly higher than other devices.

2. lack of input speed – Handwriting or typing is slower with Virtual Keyboards, if we compare it with conventional keyboards.

3. In this, users must have knowledge of programs because only by pointing at the icons in it, it does not know about it. In such a situation, a user must have an understanding about programs using tablets.

4. Weaker video capabilities – Most tablet computers have embedded graphics processors which are not much better than discrete graphics cards.

5. Screen risk is high The screens of these tablet computers are very delicate, so great care has to be taken while using them. Otherwise your screen may get damaged.

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