What is CDN and why is it necessary for your blog/website?

do you want to know CDN kya hai (what is it) And why it is necessary for your website and blog, then keep reading further. There is nothing bigger than internet in this whole world. Ever since the invention of the Internet, it has been ruling the hearts and minds of people.

There is no such person in the world who is deprived of the name of the word Internet. We use internet to know the answer from our small questions to big questions. Internet has brought a lot of change in the lives of people and now it has also become a means of earning money for people.

Now people are showing interest in doing online business and its popularity is increasing every day.

You must have seen many people who start their career from a good platform like doctor, police, architect, engineers etc. in the same way many people are starting their career from blogging as well. Almost everyone must have heard the name of blogging.

The way people make their identity and earn fame from all other careers, similarly you can make your name and identity from blogging too. To start blogging it is very important to know about many things and CDN is one of them. Today I will give you some information about this CDN kya hota hai (what is it) and why is it important,

CDN Kya Hai (What is it) – What is CDN in Hindi?

cdn It is a type of network that allows website content to load faster by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. Its main task is to increase the loading speed of your blog. The most important thing about your blog or website is its loading speed.

What is CDN in Hindi?

Which means that if a user wants to see your blog or website in his browser, then in how much time your blog will appear in the user’s browser, if your blog is taking a lot of time to load in the user’s browser, then it The chances of visitors coming to your blog are very less.

to avoid this trouble bloggers use CDN,

Generally whenever visitors visit your blog, they are redirected to your blog’s web hosting server. your web hosting server central location If it is located in, then whenever visitors visit your site, the user will access the contents of your site from the same web hosting server only.

Any website or blog has only one web hosting server. So all the visitors of your site will be able to access your website from that same server. Therefore, if your site has more visitors, then your server will be overloaded and will slow down the loading speed of your site or your server may crash.

This is the situation where CDN plays its main role because CDN network of servers Whose servers are spread all over the world. So if you use CDN for your blog, then all your contents are stored in all the servers of CDN.

So whenever users visit your site, the technology of CDN connects with the server closest to the user’s location so that users can access your site quickly and easily.

It is very important to use CDN to increase the loading speed of your site and for other web contents like images and videos to load quickly. As soon as you use CDN in your blog, the speed of your site increases very fast and provides better experience to your viewers.

What is the definition of CDN?

CDN is a very highly distributed platform of servers that reduces the loading time of web page content, that is, reduces the delays for which it reduces the physical distance between the server and the user.

Due to the low speed, the website loads soon. Due to this, you stay in any corner of the world, it takes very less load time to view any website if that website is using CDN.

What is the full form of CDN?

The full form of CDN is Content Delivery Network,

What is CDN

CDN is a content delivery network that hosts the content of your own website on a separate server and then serves it to the users.

Content delivery network (CDN) Providers in India

List of popular companies providing CDN in India :-

cdnPOPsPOP locations
ArvanCloud2Mumbai – New Delhi – Chennai
– Kolkata – Pune
BaishanCloud6Bangalore – Chennai – Hyderabad
– Kolkata – Mumbai – New Delhi
BunnyCDN2Bangalore – Mumbai
CD Networks3Chennai – Hyderabad – Mumbai
CDN video5Bangalore – Chennai – Hyderabad
– Mumbai – New Delhi
Cloudflare7Bangalore – Chennai – Hyderabad
– Kolkata – Mumbai – Nagpur – New Delhi
CloudFront6Bangalore – Chennai – Hyderabad
– Kolkata – Mumbai – New Delhi
Fastly3Chennai – Mumbai – New Delhi
– Hyderabad – Kolkata,,
G-Core Labs1MUMBAI
Imperva2Delhi – Mumbai
Kingsoft Cloud1Bangalore
lime light3Chennai – Delhi – Mumbai –
Bangalore – Ernakulam –
Hyderabad – Kolkata
Tata Communications6Bangalore – Chennai – Hyderabad
– Kolkata – Mumbai – New Delhi
Tencent Cloud5Bangalore – Calcutta – Chennai
– Mumbai – New Delhi
Verizon Media4Bangalore – Chennai –
Mumbai – New Delhi

Why is it important to use CDN in your blog?

By now you must have known what is CDN. Now I will tell you why CDN is necessary for your blog.

#1 Speed

The first advantage of using CDN is the loading speed of your website. Once you have started using it, then the loading speed of your site increases considerably so that your visitors do not have to wait much for the site to load.

2# Server prevents from crashing

Your blog is very famous and if more visitors come in it then there is a fear of your server crashing. But if you use CDN then you will not have any fear of server crash.

Because CDN distributes the load of your main server to all its servers and from wherever your visitors visit your site, CDN allows your visitors to access your site from their nearby server.

This is the reason that there is not much load on the main server of your site, so that the worry of server crash goes away.

3# Improves user experience

Using CDN increases the loading speed of the website or blog, due to which the number of users in your site starts increasing gradually and more and more page views start happening in your site. The faster your site opens, the better your users’ experience will be.

Should CDN be used on the blog?

Yes, of course you should use CDN on your blog. Because this gives you better and faster performance and lower latency.

CDN is used only on dynamic sites?

No, you can use CDN on a site with both static and dynamic content. You will definitely know the difference by using it.

what did you learn today

I hope you like this article of mine cdn What is cdn in English) Must have liked it. CDN is very important for your blog. This is because with its help the loading speed of your blog increases, due to which the chances of getting more traffic also increase.

It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about how CDN works to the readers, so that they do not have to search any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

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