what is dongle and how to use it

Do you know what is dongle and on your laptop how to use dongle, You must have often heard about internet dongle or maybe you have also used it. Actually dongle is a small USB drive which is run by software by putting it in the port of computer or laptop. It is used at the place where security is needed the most.

In computers and laptops, dongles are used to run the Internet. It is used so that no one can steal the software illegally. Due to the changing latest technology, nowadays flash drives can be easily carried like.

Many dongles come from the company, in which only the SIM of that company runs and there are many such in which you can run the internet using any SIM. These are called “unlock dongles”. Nowadays, Wi-Fi dongles have also started coming in the market. In which you can connect more than 5 devices simultaneously with the help of Wi-Fi. Let’s know about the dongle in detail.

What is Dongle

Dongle one of a kind USB There is a drive that is run by software in a computer or laptop. In this, you can run the Internet with the help of Wi-Fi by inserting a SIM or in a Wi-Fi dongle. Some dongles run from the company’s SIM, while some can run the internet by putting any SIM in it.

Dongle Kya Hai Hindi

The dongle is easy to carry as it can be carried anywhere and can be used on any computer or laptop. It is very easy to use it. computer Or put it in the hardware port of the laptop and run it through software and enjoy the internet by connecting.

What are the different types of dongles?

If you search on the market or on the internet, then you will find different dongles for different tasks. Let us know how many types of it are there.

1. Internet Dongle

In this, you can surf the internet by putting the company’s sim in the company’s dongle and putting any sim in the other dongle. If you want, you can also get the company’s dongle unlocked. After unlocking, you can also run internet by putting any SIM in it. As technology has increased, the use of these dongles has started decreasing because nowadays Wi-Fi dongles have started coming in the market.

2. WiFi Dongle

This dongle works with the help of Wi-Fi. Charge it once and then put it anywhere. Then connect the Wi-Fi in which you want to run the internet and run the internet. With the help of this dongle, you can run net in mobile, laptop, tablet etc.

how to use dongle on laptop

Let us know how to use Dongle in Laptop.

1. how to use net with sim dongle

1. First of all, insert the dongle into the USB port of the laptop.

2. Now the option of software run will come in front of you. If it does not come, then by going to My Computer and clicking on the icon of the dongle Software run to.

3. When the software is completely installed, then the icon of the software will appear on the desktop.

4. Now open the software and click on Connect. As soon as Connected will be written. Your internet will start running.

2. how to use wifi dongle

1. In this you first turn on the Wi-Fi dongle.

2. When it is turned on, then go to the Wi-Fi option in the laptop and see the Wi-Fi network of the dongle and click on connect in it.

3. If the password is provided, then enter the password and click OK.

4. In this way your Wi-Fi dongle will be connected to the laptop. Now you can enjoy internet.

How to equip computer with Wi-Fi facility?

In laptop, you will run Wi-Fi dongle because it comes with Wi-Fi facility, but if you want to enjoy Wi-Fi dongle in computer too, then you have to buy a small Wi-Fi USB drive which is It is easily available in the market.

By putting it in the port of the computer, your computer will turn into a Wi-Fi device and in this way you can enjoy the Internet from WiFi to the computer.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Broadband Dongle?

1. they are very handy
The biggest achievement of dongle is that it is very handy. Due to its more portable, it can be taken anywhere. Where broadband modems of other forms have some specific restrictions. Like some area of ​​a limitation where you can take the device.

A dongle, on the other hand, is a very small USB flash disk. Like anyone can plug it into their device like a USB drive and use it.

2. Dongles are universal
This means that these devices are compatible with many service providers. Therefore any user can use it with any service provider. Users do not always have to buy new dongles.

3. Data is more secure in this
Where other wireless networks can be easily hacked, broadband dongles are very secure. This is probably because this gadget is directly connected to your computer, so data streaming is very smooth and cannot be sniffed easily.

What are the Disadvantages of Mobile Broadband Dongle?

1. There is a limit in its speed
By the way, its speed is just right for use. But as it is written on the dongle that what is its maximum speed (3.2 mbps either 7.6 mbps) Therefore their speed cannot be crossed by the maximum speed.

2. Users are limited in a single interface
The biggest drawback of dongles is the restriction of the interface. Users who tether their mobile phones To use them on their PC, for example, you have to force install countless applications.

3. There are no better options for speed
If you want, you can easily buy a broadband dongle and use it, but you can not exceed the speed of that dongle as much as 3.6 – 7.2 mbps speed. Still faster dongles are not available in the market.

What are the words for dongle in Hindi?

Dongle is called Dongle in Hindi.

How much does a dongle cost?

The price of dongle ranges between 1000 to 1900.

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