What is motherboard and how it works

finally one What is Motherboard, MotherBoard a main printed circuit board (PCB) It happens to a computer. Saying this, you can also call the motherboard as the computer’s central communications backbone connectivity point, through which all the components and external peripherals are connected or connected.

You must have seen that such an equipment to which all the equipment is connected, which keeps all the components connected together, is called Motherboard. The motherboard allows all parts of a computer to receive power and communicate with each other.

But nowadays there have been many changes in the motherboard, in which many features have been added, due to which the capabilities and upgradeability of the computer have increased to a great extent. today we will talk about this topic What is motherboard And learn about how it works. Then what is the delay, let’s start.

What is Motherboard – What is Motherboard in Hindi

Motherboard Any computer has a backbone, it is such a link that all the components are connected to each other, as if it is working as a hub through which other devices of the computer are connected. They come in different formations according to the needs of a user so that they can fit in their needs, budget and speeds.

what is motherboard in hindi

Mainly, this is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board)) is the only one that holds the various components of the computer so that the computer can be functional. Components like CPU, RAM, Hard Disk as well as TV Card, Graphics etc.

All are first connected with MotherBoard. Motherboard only enables this function that everyone gets proper power supply so that it can do its work properly.

Definition of Motherboard

motherboard ,MotherboardComputer is a very important device by which all the devices of the computer are connected to the computer and can communicate with each other. This is the circuit board that connects all your hardware to your processor. In one sense, you can say that the motherboard is the base of the computer.

Functions of Motherboard

Now let us know what are the different functions of the motherboard.

Component’s Hub

Motherboard Works like a Backbone of any computer in which other parts of the computer like CPU, RAM and Hard Disk are installed.

Slots for External Peripherals

Motherboard also acts as a platform, which makes available many Expansion Slots, so that we can install new devices or interfaces here.

Power Distribution

With the help of motherboard, power is supplied to other components of the computer.

data stream

Motherboard acts like a communication hub through which all peripherals are connected. Here the Motherboard controls that all the Peripherals can communicate properly among themselves. And Manages Motherboard data traffic.


Motherboard holds the Read Only Memory, BIOS Which is needed to boot up the computer. So it shows that computer starts with the help of Motherboard.

How to choose motherboard

Motherboard alone is of no use, but it is of great importance to operate the computer. Its main job is to hold the Micro Chip of the computer as well as connect all the other components together.

All those things that help the computer to run or increase its performance are either a part of the motherboard itself or are connected to it through a slot or port.

The shape and layout of the motherboard itself is called Form Factor. With the help of this Form Factor, it is decided that how should be the design of the motherboard. By the way, there are many specific form factors using which standard motherboards of different types are made.

what is the motherboardwhat is the motherboard

If seen, there are many types of motherboard, such variation is because its design, cases, power supply and size are made according to the requirement.

A motherboard made by a specific manufacturer may support a single variety of CPU and some memory. For this reason, the selection of the motherboard should be done after a lot of thought, not all motherboards support all types of components.

For this reason, choosing the right motherboard is very important. That’s why I have mentioned some important things below so that you can get some idea for its right choice.

1. Processors

A very important feature of the motherboard is the socket that holds the CPU. Different boards require different socket connects and the Processor Pins of all are not the same. From this socket only it will be known that which model processor will fit in this motherboard.


What kind of Motherboard you are using, it is known that how much amount and which format of RAM you can use. Normally the memory of Boards is somewhat limited as to how much amount of RAM it can support. But it would be best if you take a board that supports more RAM than you need so that you can upgrade it later.

3. Form Factor

The layout of any motherboard is called Form Factor. It is from this Form Factor that it is known where to place various components and from this the design of that computer is known. Although there are many standards of Form Factor, but it is used only according to the requirement of the user.

4. Chipset

A Chipset is the middle man of any computer, with the help of which data is transferred from one part to another inside the computer. It is like a spine which microprocessor Connects to other parts of the computer.

In a computer, it has two parts, one is Northbridge and the other is Southbridge. All parts of computer cpu communicate with the help of this Chipset


A bus means a path in a computer that connects one component with another in any circuit. speed of any bus MegaHertz(MHz) is measured in It is known from the speed itself that how much data can pass through that bus. The better the bus, the faster and more data can be transferred, hence the better calculation

6. Expansion Slots and Connectors

Expansion slots are those hardwired options so that we can add additional components to the motherboard. If you have to upgrade your system in future then you must think about it. The more extra Slots you have, the more components you can attach.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can choose a motherboard. That’s why I request you that before buying any Motherboard, you should know very well what is your requirement. You should buy anything according to your requirement.

Gradually, motherboards are becoming better and faster, along with this, its cost is also decreasing. As the world is changing, the needs of the people are also changing, that’s why the Shape, Size and Speed ​​of the Motherboard are changing. That day is not far when we can make motherboard according to our mind.

motherboard manufacturers

There are many popular companies in the market which Manufactures motherboards such as :-

  • intel (Intel)
  • ASUS (Asus)
  • Gigabyte
  • ACER (Acer)
  • AMD (AMD)
  • ESC

Who is the father of motherboard?

Engineers of IBM, the father of the motherboard Patty McHugh is called.

How does the motherboard go bad?

motherboard For many reasons Bad Can be, although there are some common issues. motherboard The most common causes of failure are electrical shock, physical damage, or overheating.

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