What is pin code and how to find postal index number?

what is pin code, Whenever we send a letter or goods to someone, then we need the name, address as well as Pincode of that receiver’s area (to whom we are sending that thing). This is because without pincode it is very difficult to identify a place correctly and easily.

The names of many places are similar, so it is very difficult to find the correct address among them. It is the Pincode that helps our Postal Department a lot in these things.

If you also want to know about the Pincode of a place and also want complete information about Pincode, then in today’s article what is Pincode, all those things will be easily read and seen. Then without delay let’s start.

what is pin code

Pin code or zip code There is a type of six digit unique number which is used to find the Indian Post Office. This Postal Index Number (PIN) is also called Pin Code in short.

what is pin code

This PIN was first implemented in India on August 15, 1972. And there are about 9 PIN regions in the whole country. Out of which the first 8 are geographical regions and while digit 9 is reserved for Army Postal Service.

full form of pin code

pin code ka full form hota Postal Index Number (PIN).

How many digits does a pin code have?

Pin Code a 6 digit long the code Each number of which represents a special meaning.

How many pin zones are there in India?

in India nine There are PIN zones, which include eight territorial zones and one functional zone (for the Indian Army).

pin code history

This PIN system was first introduced 15 August 1972 To Shriram Bhikaji Velankar By G, who was at that time an additional secretary of the Union Ministry of Communications.

Since at that time there was a lot of difficulty in delivering mail as well as sorting it manually, so this type of system was implemented. Due to this, many types of confusion were removed such as incorrect addresses, one type of place names, and also different languages ​​which are used by public people.

What is the full form of Pincode?

Full name of Pincode’postal index number code‘ Is. There are a total of 6 numbers in the pin code in India. Each of its numbers has a special meaning.

Pin Code How does it work?

Pin code is a very useful number. This code made by combining 6 numbers gives complete information about your area.

Every number of this has been made for a particular area only. With the help of this information, the people of the post office deliver the packet to the right place. Our whole country is divided into 6 special zones. It has a regional zone and a functional zone. Each pin code gives information about a particular zone.

how to know pin code

If you want to know about Pincode, then follow the steps given below, so that you can easily get Pincode anywhere.

 pin code kaise pata kare pin code kaise pata kare

Step #1: First of all you have to go to this Pincode Search Website.

Step #2: Here you have to choose the state you are looking for in the Select a State option below.

Step #3: After that in Select a District you will have to choose the required district.

Step #4: Wherein after that you will see Alphabets of all the places below in Select a Alphabet, there you have to choose the alphabet starting with the name of the place you want to pincde.

Step #5: By doing this, the names of all the places will be displayed in front of you, here you have to choose the required place in the Select a Locality option.

Step #6: Once you have selected it, then the Pincode you are looking for will appear in front of you. You can use that Pincode as per your convenience.

what does pin code mean

If you want to know about the structure of Pincode, then below I have explained this topic very well.

pin The first digit indicates the zone or towards a region. Whereas the second digit indicates towards the sub-zone, and the third digit when it is combined with the first two digits, then it indicates towards the sorting district which comes within that zone.

Whereas the last three digits are assigned to individual post offices under the same sorting district. Or just say that it refers to the Delivery Post Office.

What are the Postal Zones of India?

Total in India 9 postal zones There are Mehjud, out of which eight are regional zones and one is functional zone (that too specially Indian army for).

The first digit of Pincode indicates this zone. Here I have told about all the 9 zones.

PIN’s first numbers zone
1 Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Chandigarh
2 Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand
3 Rajasthan, Gujarat, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli
4 Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
5 Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
6 Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry, Lakshadweep
7 West Bengal, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Assam, Sikkim
8 Bihar, Jharkhand
9 Army Post Office (APO), Field Post Office (FPO)

What is Sorting District?

When the third digit of PIN is combined together with the first two digits, then it shows a specific geographical region which is also called Sorting District.

notes This does not apply to the case of the functional zone of the Army.

This sorting district which is actually often headquartered in the main post office of that region of a big city. It is also called Sorting Office.

In a state, there may be more than one sorting district depending on the amount of mail reaching there.

PIN prefix ISO 3166-2: EN region
11 DL New Delhi
12–13 HR Haryana
14–15 PB punjab
16 CH Chandigarh
17 HP Himachal Pradesh
18–19 JK, LA Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh
20–28 UP Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand
30–34 RJ Rajasthan
396210 DD Daman and Diu
396 DN Dadra and Nagar Haveli
36–39 GJ Gujarat
403 GA Goa
40–44 MH Maharashtra
45–48 MP Madhya Pradesh
49 CT Chhattisgarh
50 TG Telangana
51–53 AP Andhra Pradesh
56–59 KA Karnataka
605 py Pondicherry
60–66 TN Tamil Nadu
682 LD Lakshadweep
67–69 KL Kerala
737 SK Sikkim
744 AN Andaman and Nicobar Islands
70–74 WB West Bengal
75–77 OR Odisha
78 AS Assamese
790–792 AR Arunachal Pradesh
793–794 ML Meghalaya
795 MN Manipur
796 MZ Mizoram
797–798 NL Nagaland
799 TR Tripura
80–85 BR Bihar, Jharkhand
90–99 Aps Army Postal Service

What is Service Route?

The fourth digit of the pincode indicates the service route, in which a delivery office is located in a sorting district. This number is 0 for those offices which are located in the core area of ​​the Sorting District.

What is Delivery Office?

The last two digits of the Pincode indicate the delivery office of a sorting district. It starts with 01 which is of General Post Office (GPO) or head office (HO).

Delivery Office The numbering is done completely in a specified order in which higher numbers are assigned to new delivery offices.

If any one delivery office receives too much mail that it cannot handle alone, then a new delivery office is created and the next available PIN is assigned to it.
In such a situation, the first four digits of both these delivery offices which are located next to each other are common.

Example of Pincode

Let us understand Pincode better with an example.

If PINCODE is 500072, then here 5 represents southern region and 50 represents Telangana. Wherein 500 shows the district Rangareddy/Hyderabad of that state and the last 3 digits (072) shows the KPHB colony post office of that area.

According to this, the postal department sorts all the incoming mails and also delivers them to the correct post office.

What is the importance of PIN Code?

Now let us know about the importance of Pincode. Do you know why we need Pincode?

1. Each PIN code represents a unique and exclusive delivery post office of the Indian Post network. This happens that the thing sent reaches the same Post Office only.

2. Parcel or Post, which are accepted in a transport office, are properly arranged on the basis of their PIN which is written in their address. With the help of these codes, that post can easily reach the right place.

3. The use of PIN code in India has become a very important part of the address, you can say that Pincode has become an identity of the address.

4. Using PIN code Postal Delivery System The proficiency of has increased to a great extent, because now things are easily categorized and distributed.

5. The confusion that used to be caused by the name of the place has been completely reduced by the use of PIN Code and there is no problem in the language as well.

6. It has really lightened the job of the postman.

Who started Pincode?

First Pincode started in India Shriram Bhikaji Velankar It was done by Mr.

What is the full form of Pin Code?

pin code ka full form hota Postal Index Number (PIN).

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