What is WhatsApp Business App and how to download?

We all know about WhatsApp. but do you know that What is WhatsApp Business App (What is Whatsapp Business in Hindi), What are its benefits?

In hearing, many rumors and speculations have come to the fore regarding WhatsApp Business. But perhaps there was not so much truth in anyone because these news were not officially published. But only last month WhatsApp which is a Facebook owned company has officially told about it.

Still, complete information about it is not yet available. But it has been heard that it has been mainly made keeping Enterprise in mind. Then without delay let’s start and know what is this Whatsapp Business APK and how can it be useful for us.

What is WhatsApp Business Application?

WhatsApp Business (WhatsApp Business) is a platform to promote your business. This app is made for you to communicate with your customers and grow your brand.

There is a completely new feature which has been started by the company but for now only beta testers can use it. As its name suggests, it is primarily designed keeping the business in mind.

What is WhatsApp Business App?

It has been made to connect with other clients with the help of Whatsapp’s users base. Now Businesses can join this platform by signing up in it and using its service can provide new updates to their customers such as timings, confirmations and other information.

According to the latest report, WhatsApp will try to keep its consumer-centric messaging app separate from this new upcoming business-related service. That’s why he is thinking of launching this App on the basis of a completely different App and which he has called “whatsapp businessIt has been decided to name it.

It has also been heard that the company has planned to launch not one but two different services. will be one of small businesses there will be another for large enterprises For.

It has been heard that the service of Small Businesses will be free but in large enterprises you may have to pay money for the service.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: What are their Key Features

Before discussing about the features of both the Apps, I want to tell you in one thing that both these Apps will look almost similar in appearance.

Because the pictures that have been leaked of them, their user interface is very similar, the only main difference that has been seen is in the design of its logo.

Where in the logo of WhatsApp Business, a white ‘B’ will be seen in place of Telephone receiver in the Green Conversation bubble.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp BusinessWhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business
Source: www.androidpolice.com

Some such features will be seen in WhatsApp Business which are not seen in the original WhatsApp such as the creation of Business Profile, where we users will have to fill some things like ‘Business Description’ ‘Website’ ‘Address’.

The one special feature here is “Chat migrationAs the name suggests, in this you can transfer your chats from one device to another, even from one account to another.

The company has also included many such scenarios where it has come to the fore whether you can use this App on a single device or on multiple devices at a time or not. Users can use both these apps WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business in the same device but using different numbers.

Here users can also open WhatsApp Business Accounts using their Landline numbers, this feature is not available to regular WhatsApp users. It will be easy for people to keep their personal and professional accounts separately, which was a big problem earlier. With this they can give equal importance to both.

Other features like Auto Responses And Analytics And so on. In the first, users can pre-prepare some such customize messages which will be automatically sent to the clients when the user is not available.

In the other hand, the user can see the details of his account such as the number of messages sent, received, delivered and read. Which will help him to see both his contents and the response of the clients in a good way.

How to create Whatsapp Business Account

Creating Whatsapp Business Account is very easy, just you have to follow some steps mentioned by me and your Whatsapp Business Account will be ready.

But keep in mind that you need a unique number to create a Whatsapp Business Account. Will have to be used means the number from which you are using Whatsapp, that no. You cannot create Whatsapp Business Account, you have to get a new no. Will need

So let’s know step by step how to give professional look to whatsapp business account.

  • First of all you open the setting.
  • Now here you open Business setting
  • now click on account
  • Now click on the pencil icon in the top right corner
  • Now you will have some kind of page show in front of you from where you will be able to give professional look to your profile.
  • So let’s know in detail ,

1. From here you can change or upload your profile picture.

2. Business address : Here you can add the address of your shop or office manually or you can also do it with the help of google map.

3. Category : From here you can change your business category.

4. Here you can add a description about your business.

5. Business Hours: From here you can select your working hours and working days.

6. E-mail: From here you can add your email address.

7. Website: If you have a website, then you can add this link to your website.

After adding all these, your WhatsApp business profile will get a very professional look and whenever someone checks your profile on WhatsApp, it will show a page like this.

So take this, your whatsapp business account is ready from where you will be able to handle your customers very easily because you will get many such features and options here which you will not get in normal whatsapp.

Will it be any different for regular users?

you a general whatsapp user On the basis of that, you can see all the messages which are completely encrypted but at the same time you will also get to see a pop-up which will contain information about the verification status of your Business Account.

With this you can see all the information about that business owner like their location, business category, image, e-mail ID, Website etc.

When will WhatsApp Business be commercially launched?

Complete true information about this is not yet available as to when WhatsApp Business will be launched commercially. This app is currently in beta stage and only a few selected group of beta testers have got it.

Its testing process is still going on, but it has been heard that very soon it will be released commnercially. If I talk about companies, then only BookMyShow This is the only Indian company whose WhatsApp account has been certified because there is a sign on the side of its name. green tick The symbol of is visible.

Other companies like Ola, OYO Rooms and other companies are also going to join this list very soon.

WhatsApp Business: What is it going to offer to Businesses and Customers?

As many of us know that WhatsApp Business App is still in rumors and speculations, very soon it will be officially launched in the market by the company.

Here it is a matter to think whether it will be liked as much as its messaging app has been done. Or will it remain only business oriented. Do you think that WhatsApp will be able to repeat its old success in its new Business App?

your answer to us comment box But do tell by writing so that we can know about your prediction.

What is a business account on WhatsApp?

A business account on WhatsApp is an account that lets you interact with your customers as a seller. Can also do business together.

Who is the owner of WhatsApp Business?

Jan Kum Brian Action is the owner of WhatsApp Business.

Which country does WhatsApp belong to?

WhatsApp America Country But its users are all over the world.

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