Why is Onam celebrated and what is the story of Onam?

Why celebrate Onam? We are residents of a country where many different types of civilizations reside. India is a country full of diversity. From east to west and north to south, not only different geographical conditions but also different civilizations are found.

Due to the availability of different sects, different types of beliefs and festivals associated with them are also present. One such festival is Onam. It is a very important festival but very few of you would know about it. In today’s post, we will talk about topics like what is Onam and why Onam is celebrated.

Different types of people live in different regions of India and for this reason many sects exist here. Due to the beliefs of different sects, there are many festivals that you might not have even heard about and those festivals are very important for some people. Onam is also one such festival.

You might have never heard the name of Onam before, but this festival is very popular in South India. This festival is mainly celebrated in Kerala. That’s why I thought why not I give you complete information about why Onam is celebrated, which very few people know. Then without delay let’s start.

What is Onam – What is Onam in Hindi

onam 2022 or Onam is a festival celebrated in Kerala. Although this festival is celebrated in India, but its specialty is the most in the state of Kerala. This festival is also considered as the biggest festival of Kerala.

onam kyu manaya jata hai

This festival is not celebrated in temples but in homes. This festival is celebrated from about August to September. Onam is celebrated in the first month of Kolavarsham according to the Malayalam calendar. In some places this festival is also called Onam.

This festival is dedicated to Vamana, an incarnation of Vishnu, considered to be the highest level deity of Hindu civilization. These festivals are most important for the farmers. it is popularly calledharvest festival‘ Also called. This festival of Onam is celebrated with great pomp from the day of Atham to the day of Thiruvonam.

This festival is celebrated at the beginning of the harvest season. According to religious texts, it was at this time that Lord Vishnu took the Vamana avatar to free the heavens from the demon king Mahabali. In some states, this festival is also known as Vaman Jayanti.

Significance of Onam 2022 festival

All festivals have their own importance. Onam festival is very popular in South India. These festivals are most important for the residents of Kerala. Just as festivals like Ganeshotsav, Durga Puja are celebrated for 10 days all over the country, similarly the festival of Onam in Kerala is celebrated with great pomp for 10 days.

This festival is considered to be the most important for the farmers. onam festival It is celebrated at the time when the crops are ready for ripening in South India and mainly in Kerala. At this time, people worship not only Mahabali and Lord Vamana but also Shravan Devta and Pushpa Devi for the purpose of protecting their crops and fulfilling their wishes.

Mostly vegetarian dishes are prepared on the occasion of Onam. This festival begins with Trikka Kara, the famous and only Vamana temple of Kerala. There is a belief about this temple that it was built by Lord Parashurama. It is believed that at the time of Onam at least 20 dishes must be made,

Because of this, many types of dishes are prepared at this time in different places and they are served and eaten on banana leaves like in ancient times. This plate of Onam is called Sadhya Thali.

Why is Onam 2022 celebrated?

There are many reasons behind celebrating Onam. but mainly Mahabali’s return on Onam celebrated as. There is a legend behind it. In the context of this festival, it is said that there used to be an Asura king named ‘Mahabali’ in Kerala. In this way, Mahabali was an Asura king, but he did a lot of noble deeds for the coming people and because of this he was no less than a god for them.

Mahabali was very dear to his subjects and his king Mahabali was very dear to the subjects. Mahabali got many types of powers from his sadhana and his fame was also flowing day by day.

It is said that no god could defeat Mahabali. Mahabali defeated Indra and captured the heaven. Seeing Indra’s poor condition, his mother Aditi started worshiping Lord Vishnu to protect her son. Appearing in worship, Lord Vishnu promised Aditi that he would save Indra and get him back his lost palace., After some time Lord Vishnu took birth from Aditi’s womb as Vamana. This was the celibate form of the Lord.

Asura king Mahabali wanted to get permanent rights over heaven and for this he was performing Ashwamedha Yagya. Sri Hari reached there in his Vamana form. Mahabali felicitated the Lord and told him that he can ask for whatever gift he wants. God asked Mahabali for a place to take three steps. Mahabali accepted this offer of God. But God measured the whole earth with one step and the whole sky with another step.

There was no room left to take the third step. Therefore, in order to fulfill his promise, Mahabali bowed his head in front of the Lord to take the third step. As soon as Vamana stepped on Mahabali’s head, Mahabali went to Hades due to the infinite force of God.

The subjects of Asura King Mahabali had great love for him. When the people came to know about Mahabali’s departure, there was an outcry in the whole state. The people were very sad because of Mahabali’s departure. God was also very kind, so seeing the eternal affection of the people towards Mahabali, God granted Mahabali a boon that he would be able to come once a year to meet his subjects. It is believed that every year at a certain time, the dead Mahabali comes to meet his subjects.

This time is considered as a festival which we onam says, It is believed that when Mahabali comes to meet the people, then the whole state is covered with greenery and the people get prosperity.

When is Onam 2022 celebrated?

Just as most of the Hindu festivals such as Diwali and Holi are celebrated on the basis of Hindu calendar and Panchango, similarly Onam is also based on the Malayali calendar. According to the Malayali calendar, this festival is celebrated in the first month of Kolavarsham in Chingam.

According to the English calendar, this time remains between August and September. In the year 2022, this festival was celebrated from 1st September to 13th September. in 2020 this festival 22 August from 2 september will be celebrated till

How is Onam celebrated?

importance of onam festival There are no less than Diwali in Kerala. The preparations for this festival start about 10 days in advance. The houses are cleaned even before the arrival of Onam. The first day of Onam is known as Uthradam. On the night of Uthradam, the houses are well decorated. After this, worship is done in the houses in the morning on the day of Thiruonam. At this time there are many types of Vegetarian dishes are made Whose number is 20 or more than 20.

People celebrating Onam festival celebrate colorful Rangolis in their homes. The girls perform Thiruvathira Kali, a special folk dance of Kerala, around the rangoli made at home. Every day a ball of flowers is made on this Uklam, due to which it becomes very big till the 10th day i.e. the day of Thiruvonam.

In between this pookalam there are idols made of raw clay of King Mahabali and Vamana avatar of Vishnu and their bodyguards. Apart from this, boat ran at many places, making Rangoli, Puli Kali i.e. Tiger style dance and Kummaithikali i.e. Mask. Competitions like dance are celebrated. like this This festival is celebrated with great pomp is celebrated from

Why is Onam celebrated?

There was a demon king named Mahabali in Kerala, in whose honor people celebrate the festival of Onam. Onam is celebrated every year on Trayodashi of Shravan Shukla. In which people share happiness with each other.

How is Onam celebrated?

in the joy of the arrival of a new crop onam Festival celebrated Is. onam To welcome King Bali on the festival, along with the attractive decoration of the houses, rangoli of flowers and different types of dishes are offered to him. There is also a tradition of decorating Rangoli in front of every house and lighting a lamp.

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