WiFi Ka Password Kaise Pata Kare (Computer and Mobile)

Have you lost your Wifi password? Are you unable to access your Wifi network from your computer and mobile? While searching for a solution to these problems, this thought must have come in the mind of many of you that WIFI Ka Password Kaise Pata Kare, People are slowly taking their step towards technology and what you used to see earlier in Saharo, today you can see them in villages also.

Technology along with making our life simple also saves our time. So that is why we will know something new about today, which you will enjoy reading and you will get to learn something like every post.

Nowadays the world is running on WiFi. In every street, in every office, in every shop, wherever you go, you will find a WiFi network, and even more so in your room with your friend in your neighborhood, but you must have ever felt like finding out their WiFi password and you yourself Sometimes you must have forgotten your WiFi password.

So that’s why today I will tell you how to know the password of any WiFi and at the same time how to break your WiFi password, I will also tell you not one, not two, but three ways to see WiFi password.

What is WiFi Password?

Wifi Password is called the password that we use to keep our Wifi network secure so that no other person can use our private network without our consent. If this is not the case, then any person can do any other person’s wifi network.

WiFi ka password kaise pata kare

To overcome these problems, Wifi Passwords are used in Wifi Network only. This password should also be a bit difficult so that hacking it will not be so easy. If this does not happen then anyone can hack your Wifi network.

It also happens from time to time that sometimes we forget our Wifi Password, due to which we have difficulty in joining our own network. Especially to overcome this problem, today I have appeared in front of you people with a solution, so that you too will be able to deal with this problem easily. If you follow my given method properly then you can easily solve this problem. Let’s know how to know WIFI Password.

Computer Me WiFi Ka Password Kaise Pata Kare

If you have a computer and you have forgotten its wifi password, then you can find out by using the method given below.

1. Connect your computer with WIFI.

2. Right-click on the WiFi network symbol in the Taskbar. There it will be written “Open Network and Sharing CenterClick on it.

 WiFi Password Kaise Nikale in Computer WiFi Password Kaise Nikale in Computer

3. Change adapter setting Click on

 WiFi Password Kaise Nikale in Computer WiFi Password Kaise Nikale in Computer

4. Now you will get to see many networks on which right click on the WiFi network with which you are connected and click on Status.

 Computer se WiFi Password Kaise Nikale Computer se WiFi Password Kaise Nikale

5. Click on Wireless Properties.

 Computer se WiFi Password Kaise Nikale Computer se WiFi Password Kaise Nikale

6. Now click on Security.

 WiFi Password pata kare in computer WiFi Password pata kare in computer

7. Network security key will be written there, that is your WiFi password, if the password is hidden then click on show character. Now enjoy with password.

Hacking means stealing without the knowledge of a friend. Whatever you want to your friend or fill the form, watch a movie, do online shopping, say that you bring the laptop a little away from the eyes of your friend and by following your steps, you will be your friend’s or someone else’s. You can also see WiFi Password by putting it in your mobile phone and connect to WiFi, but he should not know that you are his WiFi password pata kiye and remember one thing, don’t stay behind his Net for 24 hours, it may be possible for him.

Mobile Me WiFi Ka Password Kaise Pata Kare

First of all, your mobile phone should be rooted to get password from Android mobile phone. If you are an old Android user then you must know about root.

If you do not know then you can comment below, we will write that post for you in the next days. You can use two ways in mobile WiFi password Pata kar sakte hai;

1. WiFi password kaise pata kare from mobile application
2. Directly from Mobile WiFi password kaise pata kare

1. Mobile Application Se WiFi Password Kaise Nikale

And let me tell you once, your mobile phone must be rooted to pat password in this way. It is easy to get WiFi password in mobile too, for that we need an app, just download this app from Google play store whose name is WiFi Password Recover.

If you want, you can download this application by clicking on this link.

After downloading this application, you will easily see the WiFi password. In this way you can enter the password of Connected WiFi.

2. WiFi Password Kaise Nikale directly from Mobile

For this also your mobile phone should be rooted and download an application called ES File Explorer File Manager.

1. Open Device storage in ES File Explorer.

2. After that there will be a folder named data, open it.

3. Then there will be a folder named Misc, open it.

4. Then open the WiFi folder.

5. There will be a file named wpa_suppicant.cofig inside the WiFi folder, open it with ES File Explorer.

6. Now you will get some codes in front of these codes will be written as ssid and the name in front of this ssid is your WiFi name and psk will be written below it and the name which will be in front of it will be your WiFi password. You can see the WiFi network whose password you want to see, enjoy Hacker.

3. Command Prompt Se WIFI Ka Password Kaise Tode

This is also a very easy way that you can find out the password of WiFi, just in this you have to open the command prompt and give a command, you can easily find out the WiFi password.

1. In the start menu of the computer CMD Search or you can use your keyboard Ctrl+R by pressing cmd Type and press Enter.

2. After opening the command prompt, type this command NETSH WLAN SHOW PROFILE NAME=ORTEL KEY=CLEAR and press Enter, just remember Name,Here enter the name of your WiFi network,

Command Prompt WiFi Password Kaise Pata KareCommand Prompt WiFi Password Kaise Pata Kare

3. Now there will be some codes in the command prompt below, look carefully at them, what will be written in front of the key content in the security setting will be the password of your WiFi.

Command Prompt WiFi Password Kaise Pata KareCommand Prompt WiFi Password Kaise Pata Kare

4. Now you can use this password as you wish, you must have understood this last line of mine very well.

What did you learn today?

Friends, today’s article proves to be helpful for you, I hope that. I hope you have come to know that how to find wifi password, Along with this, I want to suggest you that always use your self intelligence as well.

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